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The West Wing: Season 5 [2003] (6 discs)

Length:990 minutes
(16 hours 30 minutes)
MPAA Rating:TV-14
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Sorting Tub:Kilo
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Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Family
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Synopsis: Zoey Bartlet is brought home. President Bartlet has a pissing contest with the Speaker of the House over the budget and lets the government shut down. And Donna goes on a fact finding trip to the Middle East.

Reaction: Still great and fun. The series continues to grow and flourish.

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Allison Smith => Mallory O'Brien (The Stormy Present)
Bellamy Young => MaryLou Meriwether (The Stormy Present)
James Cromwell => President D. Wire Newman (The Stormy Present)
Stephen Tobolowsky => Dr. Max Milkman (The Stormy Present)
Anna Deavere Smith => Nancy McNally (7A WF 83429)
Annabeth Gish => Elizabeth Bartlet Westin (7A WF 83429)
Charles Noland => Reporter Steve (7A WF 83429)
Clark Gregg => FBI Special Agent Michael Casper (7A WF 83429)
Geoff Pierson => Senate Minority Leader Tripplehorn (7A WF 83429)
John Amos => Percy Fitzwallace (7A WF 83429)
Kim Webster => Ginger (7A WF 83429)
Mindy Seeger => Chris (7A WF 83429)
Nina Siemaszko => Ellie Bartlet (7A WF 83429)
Peter James Smith => Ed (7A WF 83429)
Steven Eckholdt => Doug Westin (7A WF 83429)
Thomas Kopache => Assistant Secretary of State Bob Slatterly (7A WF 83429)
Timothy Busfield => Danny Concannon (7A WF 83429)
Timothy Davis-Reed => Mark O'Donnell (7A WF 83429)
William Duffy => Larry (7A WF 83429)
Bill O'Brien => Kenny Thurman (The Benign Prerogative)
Gabrielle Union => Meeshel Anders (The Benign Prerogative)
Margot Rose => Portia Colgrave (The Benign Prerogative)
Marlee Matlin => Joey Lucas (The Benign Prerogative)
Christopher Cousins => Rep. Theo (Han)
Ron Canada => Under Secretary of State Theodore Barrow (Han)
Tony Lee => Jai Yung Ahn - Pianist (Han)
Devika Parikh => Bonnie (The Dogs of War)
Elisabeth Moss => Zoey Bartlet (The Dogs of War)
Jesse Bradford => Ryan Pierce (The Dogs of War)
Kathleen York => Andrea Wyatt (The Dogs of War)
Mary-Louise Parker => Amy Gardner (The Dogs of War)
Renée Estevez => Nancy (The Dogs of War)
Saïd Taghmaoui => Qumari Ambassador Umar Usef (The Dogs of War)
William Devane => Secretary of State Lewis Berryhill (The Dogs of War)
Dylan Baker => Attorney General Alan Fisk (Abu el Banat)
Mark Moses => Donald Richter (Abu el Banat)
Gary Cole => Vice President Bob Russell (Jefferson Lives)
Hugh Dane => Judge (Jefferson Lives)
J. Patrick McCormack => General Jimmy Wendall (Jefferson Lives)
Kris Murphy => Katie Witt (Jefferson Lives)
Michael O'Neill => Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield (Jefferson Lives)
Steven Culp => Speaker of the House Jeff Haffley (Jefferson Lives)
Glenn Close => Chief Justice Evelyn Baker Lang (The Supremes)
Mitchell Ryan => Senator Roland Pierce (The Supremes)
William Fichtner => Justice Christopher Mulready (The Supremes)
Jason Isaacs => Colin Ayres (Gaza)
Jay Mohr => Taylor Reid (The Warfare of Genghis Khan)
Kevin Symons => FBI Press Rep (Access)
Wilson Cruz => Jack Sosa (Access)
Lauren Stamile => C.J.'S Aide (Disaster Relief)
Nick Searcy => Nate Singer (Disaster Relief)
Steve Ryan => Secretary of Defense Miles Hutchinson (Disaster Relief)
Terry O'Quinn => General Nicholas Alexander (Disaster Relief)
Mary McCormack => Kate Harper (Talking Points)
Matthew Perry => Joe Quincy (Separation of Powers)
Milo O'Shea => Chief Justice Roy Ashland (Separation of Powers)
Melissa Marsala => Rina (Shutdown)
Ron Ostrow => John (Slow News Day)
Sam Robards => Greg Brock (Full Disclosure)
Tom Skerritt => Senator Chris Carrick (Constituency of One)
Alex Graves => Director
Bill D'Elia => Director
Christopher Misiano => Director
Jessica Yu => Director
Julie Hébert => Director
Laura Innes => Director
Lesli Linka Glatter => Director
Llewellyn Wells => Director
Richard Schiff => Director / Toby Ziegler
Alexa Junge => Writer
Carol Flint => Writer
Debora Cahn => Writer
Eli Attie => Writer
John Sacret Young => Writer
John Wells => Writer
Josh Singer => Writer
Lauren Schmidt => Writer
Lawrence O'Donnell => Writer
Mark Goffman => Writer
Paul Redford => Writer
Peter Noah => Writer
Aaron Sorkin => Creator
Allison Janney => C.J. Cregg
Bradley Whitford => Josh Lyman
Dulé Hill => Charlie Young
Janel Moloney => Donna Moss
John Spencer => Leo McGarry
Joshua Malina => Will Bailey
Lily Tomlin => Deborah Fiderer
Martin Sheen => President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet
Melissa Fitzgerald => Carol Fitzpatrick
NiCole Robinson => Margaret
Stockard Channing => Abbey Bartlet

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • 7A WF 83429 - The title refers to the FBI case number: 7A = Missing Person, WF = Washington Field Office.
  • Jefferson Lives - The actors Martin Sheen, William Devane and Steven Culp have all portrayed a Kennedy in various roles in film and television. Sheen has played both [?] Robert Kennedy, in the made-for-TV movie The Missiles of October, and President John F. Kennedy, in the miniseries Kennedy. Devane portrayed JFK alongside Sheen, in The Missiles of October. Meanwhile Steven Culp played Robert Kennedy in Thirteen Days.
  • 7A WF 83429 - After Bartlet resigns the presidency, he and Leo are discussing President Walken's next move. When Bartlet says "So what's Walken going to do, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war?", he's quoting Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar.
  • Jefferson Lives - The title refers to a variation of John Adams' reported last words in reference to his contemporary Thomas Jefferson, unaware that Jefferson had also passed several hours earlier. Both men died on July 4, 1826.
  • The Stormy Present - James Cromwell has portrayed a President in several films such as RFK, W. and The Sum of All Fears.
  • Separation of Powers - Matthew Perry received an Emmy nomination in 2004 for his portrayal here of Joe Quincy.
  • Slow News Day - The DVD containing this episode contains three deleted scenes from an excised story line concerning Donna and Ryan's efforts to get new policy announcements from the policy staff. The scenes were removed so that the episode would come in under the required length, but the episode still contains a few references to the plot line.
  • Han - Although Josh Lyman makes a lot of insulting Wisconsin jokes, Bradley Whitford is actually from Wisconsin.
  • Eppur Si Muove - Cherry Jones has played the President in 24.
  • Access - INFO REVEALED IN FUTURE SEASONS) The end of the episode notes that CJ "remains the only woman to serve two terms as press secretary." This episode was likely completed before the decision was made by producers to put CJ in as the Chief of Staff beginning in the season 6's "Liftoff."
  • Slow News Day - Josef Sommer has played the President in X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • Memorial Day - Martin Sheen did in fact throw the first pitch in each of his several takes filming the first pitch scene, and missed the catcher on some of the takes. One of his missed throws struck the Oriole mascot, and the mascot responded by clapping both "wings" to his side, falling over, and sticking both feet in the air, in imitation of a cartoon bird being hit by a rock. This is especially ironic, in light of the fact that a minor subplot revolves around the President being unable to throw and former President [?] Franklin D. Roosevelt accidentally hitting someone when throwing out the first pitch.
  • Aaron Sorkin resigned from his job as Writer and Executive Producer after the fourth season, following a protracted dispute with NBC Executive Jeff Zucker. After leaving the show, Aaron Sorkin claimed that when he began watching the season five premiere (the first episode to be written without him) he turned it off after less than a minute, and never watched another episode. He likened the experience to "Watching someone make out with my girlfriend."
  • The Warfare of Genghis Khan - The nuclear test depicted is similar to a nuclear test conducted in 1979 by an unknown nation. To this day, the country that conducted the test is not known, but Israel is one of the suspects.
  • Han - The premise of this episode is untenable, as North Korea and the United States have never had formal diplomatic relations.
  • Following the departure of Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme after season four, Richard Schiff felt that most of the new writers didn't really understand the character of Toby, and would write him just as grumpy, without nuances. Schiff ended up being unhappy with his work on the show, specially disliking Toby's storyline as the leak in the last season.
  • Senator Hillary Clinton wrote an open letter addressed to Josh Lyman when he suggested closing a military base in upstate New York on the show. In the same letter, she praised Toby Ziegler for saving Social Security in an earlier episode.