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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 5 [1991] (7 discs)
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Composer:Jerry Goldsmith
Length:1170 minutes
(19 hours 30 minutes)
MPAA Rating:UR
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
IMDB Rating:8.1/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
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Synopsis: The Bajorans are introduced and the Vulcans consider reunification with their Romulan brothers.

Reaction: The introduction of Ensign Ro and the Bajorans (Bajora?) sets the stage perfectly for Deep Space Nine.

Personal Rating: 8/10

"I, Borg" and "Cause and Effect"

Select Guest Cast
Albie Selznick => Juggler (Cost of Living)
Carel Struycken => Mr. Homn (Cost of Living)
Christopher Halsted => 1st Learner (Cost of Living)
Larry Hankin => Wind Dancer (Cost of Living)
Majel Barrett => Lwaxana Troi (Cost of Living)
Patrick Cronin => Protocol Master Erko (Cost of Living)
Tony Jay => Third Minister Campio (Cost of Living)
Ashley Judd => Ensign Lefler (Darmok)
Paul Winfield => Captain Dathon (Darmok)
Richard Allen => Tamarian First Officer (Darmok)
Barbara March => Lursa (Redemption: Part 2)
Denise Crosby => Sela (Redemption: Part 2)
Fran Bennett => Fleet Admiral Shanthi (Redemption: Part 2)
Gwynyth Walsh => B'Etor (Redemption: Part 2)
JD Cullum => Toral (as J.D. Cullum) (Redemption: Part 2)
Robert O'Reilly => Gowron (Redemption: Part 2)
Tony Todd => Kurn (Redemption: Part 2)
Brian Bonsall => Alexander Rozhenko (New Ground)
Georgia Brown => Helena Rozhenko (New Ground)
Caroline Kava => Dr. Toby Russell (Ethics)
Patti Yasutake => Nurse Alyssa Ogawa (Ethics)
Daniel Stewart => Young Batai (The Inner Light)
Jennifer Nash => Meribor (The Inner Light)
Margot Rose => Eline (The Inner Light)
Richard Riehle => Batai (The Inner Light)
David Sage => Tarmin (Violations)
Eve Brenner => Inad (Violations)
Rosalind Chao => Keiko O'Brien (Violations)
Dey Young => Hannah Bates (The Masterpiece Society)
John Snyder => Aaron Conor (The Masterpiece Society)
Ron Canada => Martin Benbeck (The Masterpiece Society)
Ed Lauter => Lt. Cmdr. Albert (The First Duty)
Jacqueline Brookes => Admiral Brand (The First Duty)
Ray Walston => Boothby (The First Duty)
Richard Fancy => Captain Satelk (The First Duty)
Robert Duncan McNeill => Cadet First Class Nicholas Locarno (The First Duty)
Shannon Fill => Sito Jaxa (The First Duty)
Walker Brandt => Jean Hajar (The First Duty)
Wil Wheaton => Wesley Crusher (The First Duty)
Ellen Geer => Dr. Kila Marr (Silicon Avatar)
Jason Marsden => Raymond 'Renny' Marr (voice) (Silicon Avatar)
Susan Diol => Carmen Davila (Silicon Avatar)
Erich Anderson => Commander MacDuff (Conundrum)
Liz Vassey => Kristin (Conundrum)
Erick Avari => B'Ijik (Unification: Part 1)
Graham Jarvis => Klim Dokachin (Unification: Part 1)
Joanna Miles => Perrin (Unification: Part 1)
Leonard Nimoy => Spock (Unification: Part 1)
Malachi Throne => Senator Pardek (Unification: Part 1)
Mark Lenard => Sarek (Unification: Part 1)
Norman Large => Proconsul Neral (Unification: Part 1)
Stephen Root => Captain K'Vada (Unification: Part 1)
Erika Flores => Marissa Flores (Disaster)
John Christian Graas => Jay Gordon Graas (Disaster)
Max Supera => Patterson Supera (Disaster)
Famke Janssen => Kamala (The Perfect Mate)
Max Grodénchik => Par Lenor (as Max Grodenchick) (The Perfect Mate)
Tim O'Connor => Ambassador Briam (The Perfect Mate)
Jeff Hayenga => Orta (Ensign Ro)
Jerry Hardin => Samuel Clemens (Time's Arrow: Part 1)
Marc Alaimo => Frederick LaRouque (Time's Arrow: Part 1)
Michael Aron => Jack London (Time's Arrow: Part 1)
Jonathan Del Arco => Hugh / Third of Five (I, Borg)
Joshua Harris => Timothy (Hero Worship)
Katherine Moffat => Etana Jol (The Game)
Kelsey Grammer => Captain Bateson (Cause and Effect)
Matt Frewer => Rasmussen (A Matter of Time)
Megan Cole => Noor (The Outcast)
Melinda Culea => Soren (The Outcast)
Noley Thornton => Clara Sutter (Imaginary Friend)
Shay Astar => Isabella (Imaginary Friend)
Susanna Thompson => Varel (The Next Phase)
Thomas Kopache => Mirok (The Next Phase)
Vidal Peterson => D'Tan (Unification: Part 2)
Select Cast and Crew
Chip Chalmers => Director
Cliff Bole => Director
Corey Allen => Director
David Carson => Director
David Livingston => Director
Gabrielle Beaumont => Director
Jonathan Frakes => Director / Commander William T. Riker
Les Landau => Director
Patrick Stewart => Director / Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Paul Lynch => Director
Peter Lauritson => Director
Robert Lederman => Director
Robert Scheerer => Director
Robert Wiemer => Director
Winrich Kolbe => Director
Adam Belanoff => Writer
Barry M. Schkolnick => Writer
Brannon Braga => Writer
Edithe Swensen => Writer
Grant Rosenberg => Writer
Herbert Wright => Writer
Jeri Taylor => Writer
Joe Menosky => Writer
Michael Piller => Writer
Morgan Gendel => Writer
Naren Shankar => Writer
Pamela Gray => Writer
Peter Allan Fields => Writer
Rene Balcer => Writer
René Echevarria => Writer
Reuben Leder => Writer
Rick Berman => Writer
Ronald D. Moore => Writer
Jerry Goldsmith => Composer
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Brent Spiner => Lt. Commander Data
Colm Meaney => Chief Miles O'Brien
Gates McFadden => Doctor Beverly Crusher
LeVar Burton => Geordi La Forge
Majel Barrett => Enterprise Computer
Marina Sirtis => Counselor Deanna Troi
Michael Dorn => Lieutenant Worf
Michelle Forbes => Ensign Ro Laren
Whoopi Goldberg => Guinan

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and Colm Meaney are the only actors to appear in all seven seasons.
  • {The Game} was the first episode to air following Gene Roddenberry's death.
  • Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes are the only actors to appear in every episode of the series.
  • VISOR stands for "Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement".
  • Throughout the first two Star Trek crews (including the movies), Picard and Data are the only two characters never to receive a promotion. However, in at least two "alternate futures", they were both promoted - the episodes [{Future Imperfect}] (Data is a full Commander, Picard is an admiral) and [{All Good Things}] (Picard, though retired, is referred to as an ambassador).
  • In the episode, {Cause and Effect}, the Enterprise encounters a ship called the U.S.S. Bozeman. Brannon Braga, one of the writers on the show was raised in the town of Bozeman, Montana.
  • In this series, the uniforms worn by Romulan military officers have a variety of patterns and colors on them. These do not appear to have anything to do with the Romulan's position or rank; a popular fan theory is that Romulan uniforms are patterned according to family or clan affiliation.
  • Because of guest star Leonard Nimoy's schedule, part two of the two-part episode "Unification" was filmed before part one