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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 2 [1993] (7 discs)
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Composer:Dennis McCarthy
Length:1170 minutes
(19 hours 30 minutes)
MPAA Rating:UR
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
IMDB Rating:7.6/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
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HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: The station becomes integral in a lot of Bajoran politics.

Reaction: This season ends with first contact with the Jem'Hadar.

Personal Rating: 8/10

"Whispers" and "Rivals"

Select Guest Cast
Alan Oppenheimer => Captain Keogh (The Jem'Hadar)
Cress Williams => Talak'talan (The Jem'Hadar)
Molly Hagan => Eris (The Jem'Hadar)
Andrew Koenig => Tumak (Sanctuary)
Betty McGuire => Vayna (Sanctuary)
Deborah May => Haneek (Sanctuary)
Kitty Swink => Minister Rozahn (Sanctuary)
Leland Orser => Gai (Sanctuary)
William Schallert => Varani (Sanctuary)
Ann Gillespie => Nurse Jabara (The Wire)
Paul Dooley => Enabran Tain (The Wire)
Barbara Bosson => Roana (Rivals)
Chris Sarandon => Martus Mazur (Rivals)
K Callan => Alsia (Rivals)
Bernie Casey => Cal Hudson (The Maquis: Part 1)
Bertila Damas => Sakonna (The Maquis: Part 1)
Bill Bolender => The Albino (Blood Oath)
John Colicos => Kor (Blood Oath)
Michael Ansara => Kang (Blood Oath)
William Campbell => Koloth (Blood Oath)
Brian Thompson => Inglatu (Rules of Acquisition)
Helene Udy => Pel (Rules of Acquisition)
Tiny Ron => Maihar'du (Rules of Acquisition)
Wallace Shawn => Zek (Rules of Acquisition)
Camille Saviola => Kai Opaka (The Collaborator)
Tom Villard => Prylar Bek (The Collaborator)
Caroline Lagerfelt => Makbar (Tribunal)
John Beck => Boone (Tribunal)
Colm Meaney => Smiley O'Brien (Crossover)
Nana Visitor => Intendant Kira (Crossover)
Daphne Ashbrook => Melora (Melora)
Don Stark => Ashrock (Melora)
Ron Taylor => Klingon Chef (Melora)
Darleen Carr => E'Tyshra (Armageddon Game)
Larry Cedar => Nydrom (Armageddon Game)
Peter White => Sharat (Armageddon Game)
Frank Langella => Minister Jaro (The Homecoming)
John Fleck => Overseer (The Homecoming)
Leslie Bevis => Rionoj (The Homecoming)
Richard Beymer => Li Nalas (The Homecoming)
Gail Strickland => Alixus (Paradise)
Michael B. Silver => Vinod (as Michael Buchman Silver) (Paradise)
Steve Vinovich => Joseph (Paradise)
Geoffrey Blake => Arjin (Playing God)
Richard Poe => Gul Evek (Playing God)
James Sloyan => Dr. Mora (The Alternate)
John Glover => Verad (Invasive Procedures)
Megan Gallagher => Mareel (Invasive Procedures)
Steve Rankin => Yeto (Invasive Procedures)
Tim Russ => T'Kar (Invasive Procedures)
John Schuck => Parn (The Maquis: Part 2)
Natalija Nogulich => Admiral Alynna Nechayev (as Natalija Nogulich) (The Maquis: Part 2)
Katherine Moffat => Pallra (Necessary Evil)
Robert MacKenzie => Trazko (Necessary Evil)
Kenneth Mars => Colyus (Shadowplay)
Kenneth Tobey => Rurigan (Shadowplay)
Noley Thornton => Taya (Shadowplay)
Kevin Grevioux => Starfleet Security Officer (Cardassians)
Robert Mandan => Kotan Pa'Dar (Cardassians)
Sharon Conley => Jomat Luson (Cardassians)
Terrence Evans => Proka (Cardassians)
Vidal Peterson => Rugal (Cardassians)
Mary Crosby => Natima Lang (Profit and Loss)
Richard Kiley => Dr. Gideon Seyetik (Second Sight)
Salli Richardson-Whitfield => Nadell (as Salli Elise Richardson) / Fenna (Second Sight)
Stephen Macht => Krim (The Circle)
Steven Weber => Colonel Day (The Siege)
Select Cast and Crew
Alexander Singer => Director
Avery Brooks => Director / Captain Sisko
Cliff Bole => Director
Corey Allen => Director
David Carson => Director
David Livingston => Director
James L. Conway => Director
Kim Friedman => Director
Les Landau => Director
Robert Scheerer => Director
Robert Wiemer => Director
Winrich Kolbe => Director
Bill Dial => Writer
Cindy Marcus => Writer
Evan Somers => Writer
Flip Kobler => Writer
Frederick Rappaport => Writer
Gary Holland => Writer
Hans Beimler => Writer
Ira Steven Behr => Writer
James Crocker => Writer
Jeff King => Writer
Jim Trombetta => Writer
Joe Menosky => Writer
John Whelpley => Writer
Mark Gehred-O'Connell => Writer
Michael Piller => Writer
Morgan Gendel => Writer
Paul Robert Coyle => Writer
Peter Allan Fields => Writer
Richard Manning => Writer
Robert Hewitt Wolfe => Writer
Steve Baum => Writer
Dennis McCarthy => Composer
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Alexander Siddig => Doctor Bashir
Andrew Robinson => Garak
Armin Shimerman => Quark
Aron Eisenberg => Nog
Cirroc Lofton => Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney => Chief O'Brien
Hana Hatae => Molly O'Brien
Judi M. Durand => Cardassian Computer Voice
Louise Fletcher => Kai Winn
Majel Barrett => Federation Computer
Marc Alaimo => Gul Dukat
Mark Allen Shepherd => Morn
Max Grodénchik => Rom
Nana Visitor => Major Kira
Philip Anglim => Vedek Bareil
Rene Auberjonois => Odo
Rosalind Chao => Keiko O'Brien
Terry Farrell => Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Among the finalists for the role of Sisko was Gary Graham, best known for the TV series [Alien Nation].
  • Kira was a last-minute addition to the cast; the original plan was to include the [Star Trek: The Next Generation] character of Ro Laren, but Michelle Forbes didn't want a series at the time.
  • The role of Jadzia Dax was initially offered to Famke Janssen. Both she turned it down in order to remain available to appear in feature films.
  • Among the actors to read for the role of Captain Sisko was [?] Eriq La Salle who would later be cast as Dr. Peter Benton in ER. James Earl Jones and Tony Todd were also offered the role.