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Andrew Daly => Nathan (as Andy Daly) (The Meteorite Manifestation)
Ben Rauch => Darren (The Conference Valuation)
Jason Kravits => Danny (The Conference Valuation)
Bill Nye => Bill Nye (The Conjugal Configuration)
Kathy Bates => Mrs. Fowler (The Conjugal Configuration)
Neil deGrasse Tyson => Neil deGrasse Tyson (as Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson) (The Conjugal Configuration)
Teller => Larry Fowler (The Conjugal Configuration)
Bob Newhart => Arthur Jeffries (The Planetarium Collision)
Brian George => Dr. V.M. Koothrappali (The Wedding Gift Wormhole)
Brian Thomas Smith => Zack Johnson (The Propagation Proposition)
Lindsey Kraft => Marissa Johnson (The Propagation Proposition)
Brooke Dillman => Bebe (The Inspiration Deprivation)
Regina King => Janine Davis (The Inspiration Deprivation)
Chasty Ballesteros => Karen (The Confirmation Polarization)
Kal Penn => Dr. Kevin Campbell (The Confirmation Polarization)
Sean Astin => Dr. Greg Pemberton (The Confirmation Polarization)
David Theune => Dr. Graybel (The Imitation Perturbation)
Ellen DeGeneres => Ellen DeGeneres (The Laureate Accumulation)
Frances H. Arnold => Frances H. Arnold (as Dr. Frances H. Arnold) (The Laureate Accumulation)
George Smoot => George F. Smoot (as Dr. George F. Smoot) (The Laureate Accumulation)
Kip Thorne => Kip Thorne (The Laureate Accumulation)
Iain Armitage => Young Sheldon (The VCR Illumination)
Kurt Scholler => Judge #1 (The VCR Illumination)
Lance Barber => George Sr. (The VCR Illumination)
Montana Jordan => Georgie (The VCR Illumination)
Jerry O'Connell => George Cooper, Jr. (The Tam Turbulence)
Joe Manganiello => Joe Manganiello (The D & D Vortex)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar => Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (The D & D Vortex)
Kevin Smith => Kevin Smith (The D & D Vortex)
Wil Wheaton => Wil Wheaton (The D & D Vortex)
William Shatner => William Shatner (The D & D Vortex)
Keith Carradine => Wyatt (The Procreation Calculation)
Sarah Michelle Gellar => Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Stockholm Syndrome)
Kristy Cecil => Director
Mark Cendrowski => Director
Nicole Lorre => Director
Adam Faberman => Writer
Andrew Gordon => Writer
Anthony Del Broccolo => Writer
Bill Prady => Writer / Creator
Chuck Lorre => Writer / Creator
David Goetsch => Writer
Eric Kaplan => Writer
Jeremy Howe => Writer
Maria Ferrari => Writer
Steve Holland => Writer
Steven Molaro => Writer
Tara Hernandez => Writer
Barenaked Ladies => Songs
Brian Posehn => Bert Kibbler
Christine Baranski => Dr. Beverly Hofstadter
Jim Parsons => Sheldon Cooper
John Ross Bowie => Barry Kripke
Johnny Galecki => Leonard Hofstadter
Joshua Malina => President Siebert
Kaley Cuoco => Penny Hofstadter
Kevin Sussman => Stuart Bloom
Kunal Nayyar => Raj Koothrappali
Lauren Lapkus => Denise
Mayim Bialik => Amy Farrah Fowler
Melissa Rauch => Bernadette Rostenkowski
Pamela Adlon => Halley Wolowitz (voice)
Rati Gupta => Anu
Simon Helberg => Howard Wolowitz

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The Stockholm Syndrome: Penny's maiden name was planned to be revealed when Sheldon calls out their names during his and Amy's acceptance speeches, but in fear of that moment upstaging the rest of the scene, it was decided at the last minute not to do so. Therefore, Penny's maiden name remains undisclosed.
  • The Plagiarism Schism: This marks the 276th episode of the series, making it the longest-running multi-camera sitcom ever. [Cheers (1982)] previously held the title with 275 episodes.
  • The Conference Valuation: Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Ben Rauch (Darren, the guy who says "We get to go home?" to Penny) are brother and sister in real life.
  • The D & D Vortex: Sean Astin's name appears on the whiteboard when the guys are trying to figure out who's playing in Wil Wheaton's D&D game. Sean Astin and Wil Wheaton starred together in the 1991 movie "Toy Soldiers". Astin plays Dr. Pemberton, one of the physicists who try to take credit for Sheldon and Amy's super asymmetry theory.
  • The D & D Vortex: Despite a running joke being that Leonard doesn't know who Joe Manganiello as he is an actor from Magic Mike and [True Blood], Manganiello has appeared in Spider-Man (2002) as Flash Thompson and Justice League (2017) as Deathstroke, two roles which Leonard probably would have known him from. It's also likely Leonard would have recognized Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from Airplane! (1980), in which he plays himself as part of a running gag. As well as Game of Death, where he shares a fight scene with Bruce Lee. Penny once said Leonard showed his movies to her.
  • The D & D Vortex: Prior to appearing on the Twitch D&D streaming show [Relics and Rarities (2019)], Kevin Smith had never played a role playing game. Wil Wheaton and Joe Manganiello, on the other hand, are veteran gamers.
  • The D & D Vortex: William Shatner had long been sought by producers and requested by fans for an appearance on the show. Shatner had said he was willing to appear depending on the script. Ultimately, Shatner agreed to appear, partly when told by producers that Kaley Cuoco, with whom he appeared in commercials for Priceline, would be involved in his scenes.
  • The VCR Illumination: The Chuck Lorre vanity card (#604) for this episode is written in Russian. It translates to "guilty" in English.
  • The Propagation Proposition: With Zack asking Leonard to donate sperm so his wife can get pregnant the show has come full circle because the [first scene ever on the show] was Leonard and Sheldon at the high IQ sperm bank.
  • The D & D Vortex: Joe Manganiello revealed on his Instagram page that the dice he uses in the D&D game belonged to the creator of the game [?] E. Gary Gygax. The dice were given to Manganiello by Gygax's son.
  • The Consummation Deviation: The trick Amy's dad performs at the end is actually one of Teller's own.
  • The Citation Negation: Howard's screen name on the video game he was playing is "FrOOTlOOps511", alluding to the unfortunate nickname he was given when he was in space.
  • The Consummation Deviation: Amy's dad can't do a magic trick. He's played by famous magician Teller from the duo Penn and Teller.
  • The Procreation Calculation: The Batmobile that Leonard gets to drive is a replica that was built for the TV movie Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt (2003).
  • The Conjugal Configuration: Raj gets in a Twitter war with Neil deGrasse Tyson, who later confronts him & tells Raj that he's the one who kicked Pluto out of the solar system. In Season 4 Ep 7 Neil tells Sheldon he actually wasn't the one who demoted Pluto, that it was due to the vote by the International Astronomical Unit.