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While You Were Sleeping [1994] (1 disc)

Director:Jon Turteltaub
Writer:Daniel G. Sullivan
Fredric LeBow
Composer:Randy Edelman
Length:103 minutes
(1 hour 43 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG
Suggested Event Use:Valentines Day
Sorting Category:RomCom
Sorting Tub:Foxtrot
IMDB Rating:6.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:81%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Family
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Lucy is mistaken for the fiancée of the man she saved from the train tracks, and she doesn't know how to break the news to his family.

Reaction: Very cute and very funny. Pullman and Bullock are great together.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Jon Turteltaub => Director
Daniel G. Sullivan => Writer
Fredric LeBow => Writer
Randy Edelman => Composer
Ally Walker => Ashley Bartlett Bacon
Bernie Landis => Doorman
Bill Pullman => Jack Callaghan
Dick Cusack => Dr. Rubin
Glynis Johns => Elsie
Jack Warden => Saul
Jason Bernard => Jerry Wallace
Joel Hatch => Priest
Marcia Wright => Celeste
Margaret Travolta => Admitting Nurse
Megan Schaiper => Young Lucy
Michael Rispoli => Joe 'Joey' Fusco, Jr.
Micole Mercurio => Midge Callaghan
Mike Bacarella => Joe Fusco, Sr.
Monica Keena => Mary Callaghan
Peter Boyle => Ox Callaghan
Peter Gallagher => Peter Callaghan
Richard Pickren => Lucy's Father
Rick Worthy => Orderly
Ruth Rudnick => Wanda
Sandra Bullock => Lucy Eleanor Moderatz
Shea Farrell => Ashley's Husband
Thomas Q. Morris => Man in Peter's Room

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Harrison Ford and Geena Davis were initially offered this film, as were Pierce Brosnan and Dennis Quaid.
  • In a transition scene, a paper boy is shown slipping off his bike. This was actually an accident, but they decided to keep it in the movie. In fact, the paper boy actor broke his wrist.
  • Chris Columbus was at one point considered to direct.
  • The film's working title was Coma Guy.
  • A then-unknown Matthew McConaughey tested for the role of Jack, but was dropped because of his Texas accent. The director rejected offers to cast Russell Crowe in the same role.
  • Julia Roberts turned down the role of Lucy Moderatz. Nicole Kidman auditioned to for the role. The director had considered [?] Jami Gertz for the role.
  • Patrick Swayze was considered to play Jack when Demi Moore was in negotiations to play Lucy.
  • James Spader and [?] Dylan McDermott were considered for the role of Jack Callaghan.
  • The film wasn't originally supposed to be a Christmas movie. The studio wanted it set during the holidays as it would be easier to sell.
  • At the Callaghans' Christmas party, Glynis Johns says, "I don't drink anymore. I don't drink any less, either!" Co-star Jack Warden, who was also in that scene, delivered the same line 31 years earlier in a Season 1 episode of [Bewitched] ({It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog}).
  • The original screenplay was about a woman in a coma and a man pretending to be her fiancé. Many studio executives thought this to be too predatory, but one suggested reversing the roles. Once the script was rewritten, the movie was picked up by Hollywood Pictures.
  • The role of Lucy was written for Demi Moore. Sandra Bullock took the role, saying she could relate to it having just broken up from a four year relationship.
  • The word "fiancée" has three acceptable pronunciations in English according to Webster, with the stress on the first, second, or final syllable. In the initial hospital room scene where the Callaghans discover Peter in a coma and meet Lucy, all three pronunciations of the word are given, and in consecutive order as far as the syllables. Nurse: "She's his FIancée!" Midge: "His fiANcée"? Doctor (a few lines later, to intern): "She's the fianCÉE, you idiot!"