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The Office: Season 9 [2012]

Composer:Jay Ferguson
Length:595 minutes
(9 hours 55 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.4/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Drama
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Select Guest Cast
Adam Lustick => Athlead Employee (Here Comes Treble)
Daniel Amerman => Russell (Here Comes Treble)
Sam Richardson => Colin, Athlead Employee (Here Comes Treble)
Stephen Colbert => Broccoli Rob (Here Comes Treble)
Ameenah Kaplan => Val (Roy's Wedding)
Bailey Kate Strull => Cecelia Halpert (Roy's Wedding)
David Denman => Roy Anderson (Roy's Wedding)
Sara Chase => Laura (Roy's Wedding)
Sienna Paige Strull => Cecelia Halpert (Roy's Wedding)
Amy Hill => Nail Salon Manager (Couples Discount)
Andrew Santino => Man buying the boat (The Boat)
Josh Groban => Walter Bernard, Jr. (The Boat)
Angelina Ganiere => Dwight's Younger Sister (The Farm)
David Koechner => Todd Packer (The Farm)
Kamala Jones => Edna (The Farm)
Majandra Delfino => Frannie (The Farm)
Nora Kirkpatrick => Esther (The Farm)
Thomas Middleditch => Jeb Schrute (The Farm)
Tom Bower => Heinrich (The Farm)
B.J. Novak => Ryan Howard (New Guys)
Mindy Kaling => Kelly Kapoor (New Guys)
Bill Hader => Bill Hader (Finale)
Brent Forrest => Audience Member (Finale)
Dakota Johnson => Dakota, Kevin's Replacement (Finale)
Dan Sterling => Audience Member (Finale)
Devon Abner => Devon White (Finale)
Ed Begley Jr. => Erin's Biological Father (Finale)
Jackie Debatin => Elizabeth the Stripper (Finale)
Jennifer Celotta => Wedding Guest (Finale)
Joan Cusack => Erin's Biological Mother (Finale)
Malcolm Barrett => Stanley's Replacement (Finale)
Matt Sohn => Documentary Crew Member (voice) (Finale)
Nancy Carell => Carol Stills (Finale)
Rachael Harris => Rachael (Finale)
Sendhil Ramamurthy => Ravi (Finale)
Seth Meyers => Seth Meyers (Finale)
Spencer Daniels => Jakey the Stripper (Finale)
Steve Carell => Michael Scott  (Finale)
Bob Odenkirk => Mark (Moving On)
Collette Wolfe => Alice (Moving On)
Michael Weston => Roger (Moving On)
Zach Woods => Gabe Lewis (Moving On)
Brad William Henke => Frank (Vandalism)
Calvin Tenner => Glenn (Lice)
Julius Erving => Julius Erving (Lice)
Chris Diamantopoulos => Cameraman Brian (Customer Loyalty)
Linda Purl => Helene Beesly (Customer Loyalty)
Chris Gethard => Trevor (The Target)
Hidetoshi Imura => Hidetoshi Hasagawa (The Target)
Clay Aiken => Clay Aiken (A.A.R.M.)
Jessica St. Clair => Casey Dean (A.A.R.M.)
Mark McGrath => Mark McGrath (A.A.R.M.)
Ed Lauter => Sam Stone, Sr. (Suit Warehouse)
Hugh Dane => Hank (The Whale)
Melora Hardin => Jan Levinson (The Whale)
James Urbaniak => Rolf (Junior Salesman)
Lance Krall => Sensei Ira (Junior Salesman)
Matt Jones => Zeke (Junior Salesman)
Michael Schur => Mose (Junior Salesman)
Noel Petok => Troy Undercook (Junior Salesman)
Will McCormack => Wolf (Junior Salesman)
Kate Comer => The Photographer (Paper Airplane)
Todd Aaron Brotze => Robert from WeyerHammer Paper (Paper Airplane)
Mark Proksch => Nate (Dwight Christmas)
Michael Imperioli => Sensei Billy (Livin' the Dream)
Paul Feig => The Animal Trainer (Stairmageddon)
Roseanne Barr => Carla Fern (Stairmageddon)
Randall Park => Asian Jim Halpert (Andy's Ancestry)
Brent Forrester => Director / Writer
Bryan Cranston => Director
Charles McDougall => Director
Claire Scanlon => Director
David Rogers => Director
Greg Daniels => Director / Writer
Jeffrey Blitz => Director
Jennifer Celotta => Director
Jesse Peretz => Director
John Krasinski => Director / Jim Halpert
Jon Favreau => Director
Kelly Cantley => Director
Ken Kwapis => Director
Lee Kirk => Director
Matt Sohn => Director
Paul Lieberstein => Director / Writer / Toby Flenderson
Rodman Flender => Director
Troy Miller => Director
Allison Silverman => Writer
Carrie Kemper => Writer
Dan Greaney => Writer
Dan Sterling => Writer
Gabe Miller => Writer
Graham Wagner => Writer
Halsted Sullivan => Writer
Jonathan Green => Writer
Niki Schwartz-Wright => Writer
Owen Ellickson => Writer
Robert Padnick => Writer
Tim McAuliffe => Writer
Warren Lieberstein => Writer
Jay Ferguson => Composer
Andy Buckley => David Wallace
Angela Kinsey => Angela Martin-Lipton
Brian Baumgartner => Kevin Malone
Catherine Tate => Nellie Bertram
Clark Duke => Clark
Craig Robinson => Darryl Philbin
Creed Bratton => Creed Bratton
Ed Helms => Andy Bernard
Ellie Kemper => Erin Hannon
Jack Coleman => State Senator Rob Lipton
Jake Lacy => Pete Miller
Jenna Fischer => Pam Beesly
Kate Flannery => Meredith Palmer
Leslie David Baker => Stanley Hudson
Oscar Nuņez => Oscar Martinez
Phyllis Smith => Phyllis Vance
Rainn Wilson => Dwight Schrute
Robert R. Shafer => Bob Vance

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • In {Moving On}, when Pam interviews for the Real Estate job in Philadelphia, Bob Odenkirk plays the manager of the Real Estate company who interviews her. Pam immediately sees the resemblance to her old boss Michael Scott. Bob Odenkirk auditioned for the role Michael Scott, but Steve Carell was eventually chosen. Originally Steve Carell was unavailable to play Michael Scott being already committed to Come To Papa. As a result, Bob Odenkirk was selected to play him and was a part of the cast when the show was presented to NBC Executives.
  • Ed Helms missed seven consecutive episodes this season because he was shooting The Hangover Part III (2013). His absence was explained in that his character (Andy) went on a three month long boat ride with his brother.
  • Michael Scott speaks the first line of the series; Pam delivers the final line.
  • Hamish Linklater and Adam Scott auditioned for the role of Jim.
  • In {Moving On} Phyllis says, "I can't be around sad people, it makes me sad." Actress Phyllis Smith (Phyllis Vance) played the character Sadness in the movie Inside Out.
  • Jenna Fischer's husband Lee Kirk directed the episode {Vandalism}.
  • In the original script for {Finale}, Jim was supposed to prank Dwight one last time with an extravagant Matrix scheme; this was cut out most likely because they were short for time.
  • Originally, after the show was first picked up, NBC planned on retitling the series "The American Workplace" in order to differentiate it from the original British version. The idea was later scrapped. But when the documentary airs in Season 9 it is called The Office: An American Workplace
  • {The Farm} was originally intended to be a spin-off series to [The Office], centered around Dwight. However, NBC passed on airing it, so instead, the pilot episode of the show was aired as an episode of [The Office] instead.
  • Carrie Kemper who plays Jan's secretary Mollie in {The Whale} is the younger sister of Ellie Kemper (Erin).
  • In {New Guys} Pete tells Jim he's a Red Sox fan and afterwards Jim tells the camera that they have nothing in common. However in real life, John Krasinski is a huge Red Sox fan.
  • Ed Helms, and Stephen Colbert, who both appear in {Here Comes Treble}, both served as correspondents on [The Daily Show]. Despite playing classmates in this episode, they are actually 10 years apart.
  • {Paper Airplane} is the least viewed episode in the entire series.
  • [Breaking Bad] and [Malcom in the Middle] star, Bryan Cranston, directed the episode {Work Bus}.