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If Canada really has universal health care, doesn't that mean that they should cover OUR health care too?

—Ryan Peterson

Synopsis: Sisters Jane and Penny are arrested for hitchhiking on their way to Los Angeles when they stop for a quick skinny-dip in a rural town. Local agricultural magnate Tropp is a sponsor for a local prison work program and the women get put in the cotton fields to work off their sentence.

Reaction: Not my favorite. As usual, there are a few good jokes here but overall, this early in the series' run, they're still working on their overall rhythm and style.

Personal Rating: 6/10

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Howard W. Koch => Director
John C. Higgins => Writer
Les Baxter => Composer
Alex Montoya => Morales (uncredited)
Don Burnett => Bob Steele
Eddie Cochran => Bong
Glenn Dixon => Jack Landis
J. Elvis Weinstein => Tom Servo / Dr. Laurence Erhardt (as Josh Weinstein) (MST)
Jann Johnson => Magic Voice (MST) (voice) (uncredited)
Jeanne Carmen => Lillibet
Jered Barclay => Ralph (as Jerry Barclay)
Jim Mallon => Gypsy (MST)
Joel Hodgson => Joel (MST)
John Russell => Russ Tropp
John Veitch => Farmer Jackson (uncredited)
Keith Richards [II] => Angelo
Kenner G. Kemp => Jim, Court Bailiff (uncredited)
Lori Nelson => Jane Lowe
Lucita => Margaritia
Lurene Tuttle => Judge Cecilia Steele Tropp
Mamie Van Doren => Penny Lowe
Robert Foulk => Sheriff Mitch Bowers
Stanley Andrews => Farmer Collingwood (uncredited)
Terry Frost => Farmer Yancey (uncredited)
Trace Beaulieu => Crow T. Robot / Dr. Clayton Forrester (MST)
Valerie Reynolds => Arkie
Wally Brown => Pinky, the cook
Wayne Taylor => Duke
Yvonne Lime => Baby

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • In 1957, this film was distributed on a double bill with Hell's Crossroads featuring Robert Vaughn.
  • The film was originally condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency, but that only served to enhance the curiosity factor, resulting in it being a big moneymaker for the studio.
  • In this film, Mamie Van Doren became the first actress to sing rock and roll in an American musical film.