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We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees - upon being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks

—Jason Kidd

Synopsis: Strong yet sleepy Hercules discovers that the Queen of Atlantis is plotting to take over the world with superhuman warriors.

Reaction: Enjoyable enough and with a few quite funny lines.

Personal Rating: 6/10

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Vittorio Cottafavi => Director / Writer
Duccio Tessari => Writer
Sandro Continenza => Writer
Armando Trovajoli => Composer
Gino Marinuzzi Jr. => Composer
Alessandro Sperli => King with Mother
Enrico Maria Salerno => Re di Megara
Ettore Manni => Androclo, Re di Tebe
Fay Spain => Queen Antinea of Atlantis
Frank Conniff => TV's Frank (MST)
Gian Maria Volonté => Re di Sparta
Ivo Garrani => Re di Megalia
Jim Mallon => Gypsy (MST)
Joel Hodgson => Joel Robinson (MST)
Kevin Murphy => Tom Servo (MST)
Laura Efrikian => Ismene, Antinea's Daughter (as Laura Altan)
Leon Selznick => Narrator, U.S. Version (voice)
Luciana Angiolillo => Deianira, Hercules' Wife
Luciano Marin => Illo
Mario Petri => Zenith, prete di Urano
Mario Valdemarin => Gabor
Maurizio Coffarelli => Proteus the Monster
Mimmo Palmara => Astor, il Gran Visir
Mino Doro => Oraclo
Nando Tamberlani => Tiresia
Raf Baldassarre => Capo delle guardie
Reg Park => Ercole (Hercules)
Salvatore Furnari => Timoteo, il nano
Trace Beaulieu => Dr. Clayton Forrester (MST) / Crow T. Robot

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Aside from a brief visit during the movie Wild Rebels and another in Untamed Youth, this is the only time Gypsy is seen in the theater.
  • This is said to be the only "Hercules" movie filmed in 70mm.
  • The soundtrack of the American release ("Hercules and the Captive Women") contains several short passages from the score of Creature from the Black Lagoon, in particular the easily recognizable three-note "Creature theme".