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Independence Day: Resurgence [2016] (2 discs)

Director:Roland Emmerich
Writer:Dean Devlin
James A. Woods
James Vanderbilt
Nicolas Wright
Roland Emmerich
Composer:Harald Kloser
Thomas Wanker
Length:120 minutes
(2 hours 0 minute)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:SciFi
Sorting Tub:India
IMDB Rating:5.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:31%
Amazon Rating:3.0/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • Drama
  • CG
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?

Reaction: Not exactly worth a 20 year buildup, but it's got lots of fun action going for it. They definitely want to make another one, so know that going in.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Roland Emmerich => Director / Writer
Dean Devlin => Writer
James A. Woods => Writer
James Vanderbilt => Writer
Nicolas Wright => Writer / Floyd Rosenberg
Harald Kloser => Composer
Thomas Wanker => Composer
Angelababy => Rain Lao
Bill Pullman => President Whitmore
Brent Spiner => Dr. Brakish Okun
Charlotte Gainsbourg => Catherine Marceaux
Chin Han => Commander Jiang
Deobia Oparei => Dikembe Umbutu
Gbenga Akinnagbe => Agent Travis
Jeff Goldblum => David Levinson
Jenna Purdy => Voice of Sphere (voice)
Jessie T. Usher => Dylan Hiller
Joey King => Sam
John Storey => Dr. Isaacs
Judd Hirsch => Julius Levinson
Liam Hemsworth => Jake Morrison
Maika Monroe => Patricia Whitmore
Patrick St. Esprit => Secretary of Defense Tanner
Robert Loggia => General Grey
Sela Ward => President Lanford
Travis Tope => Charlie Miller
Vivica A. Fox => Jasmine Hiller
William Fichtner => General Adams

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The movie is dedicated to actor Robert Loggia, who appears in both Independence Day and Independence Day: Resurgence, and passed away in 2015. The film's closing credits dedication reads: "In Memoriam: Robert Loggia".
  • Will Smith was supposed to reprise the role of Captain Steven Hiller, but Fox refused to meet his request for a $50 million salary for two sequels. Roland Emmerich confirmed Smith would not be returning for the sequel in June 2013 to Daily News, but mentioned that Jeff Goldblum would return to reprise his role as David Levinson.
  • The announcement of the recasting of Bill Pullman's daughter, played by Mae Whitman in Independence Day, to Maika Monroe was met with much outrage. Fans expressed dismay over the decision across the social media. Most notably, Anna Kendrick, a close friend of Whitman, spoke out against the recasting on Twitter. The speculation being that producers believed Whitman was not "conventionally pretty" enough to reprise her role. Whitman, who has had a very solid acting career including her lead role in 2015's surprise comedy hit The DUFF, has remained mostly silent on the matter. Ross Bagley, who played Dylan Hiller in the original film, was not approached to reprise his role either.
  • Jeff Goldblum (David Levinson), Judd Hirsch (Julius Levinson), Bill Pullman (President Thomas J. Whitmore), Brent Spiner (Dr. Brackish Okun), Vivica A. Fox (Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller), John Storey (Dr. Isaacs), and Robert Loggia (General Grey) are the only actors to reprise their roles from Independence Day.
  • The making of the movie had to shut down for about four days due to financing problems where the production ran out of money according to an interview with star Liam Hemsworth.
  • In an interview with Empire Magazine, director Roland Emmerich declared that the role the city of Paris [in France] in the movie was replaced with London, saying: "After [last November's terrorist attacks,] we felt it wasn't right to have the Burj Khalifa crashing on the Eiffel Tower [and the Louvre], so we dumped it on the London Eye instead. The English can take it."
  • First sequel movie of director Roland Emmerich.
  • During and prior to the cinema release of this movie, director Roland Emmerich and his longtime collaborator Dean Devlin have been developing a re-imagining of their earlier hit movie Stargate as a follow-up. They will be partnering with MGM and Warner Bros. and are planning it as the first chapter in a trilogy. After [Stargate], Emmerich is attached to direct Independence Day 3.
  • Parts of the film were filmed at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah. The Bonneville Salt Flats had been used as a filming locale in various different films, which include Con Air, John Carter, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Tree of Life, The World's Fastest Indian, and the original Independence Day.
  • Four actors in the movie portray four fictional American presidents of the United States of America (USA), either current, past, or future - depending on the moment in the movie. The actors are Bill Pullman (former President Thomas Whitmore, the 42nd President); Robert Loggia (former President General William Grey USMC (Ret.), the 43rd President); Sela Ward' (the current President Elizabeth Lanford at the beginning and for two acts of the movie, and the 45th President, but who later dies in an alien attack around the start of the third act); and William Fichtner (General Joshua Adams whop becomes President Joshua Adams, the 46th President, after Lanford's death). Loggia and Pullman both portrayed their American President characters in the original Independence Day).
  • Screenwriter James Vanderbilt, who had worked on director Roland Emmerich's White House Down, became attached to the production in March 2013 to re-work the film's first draft screenplay by Emmerich and Dean Devlin. It has been suggested that this was due to re-write the movie replacing Will Smith's character of Captain Steven Hiller with Jake Morrison who was eventually cast with actor Liam Hemsworth.
  • Jeff Goldblum has worked with the brothers of two of his cast mates in this film series. He appeared with Dennis Quaid in The Right Stuff, and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok.
  • Listen carefully to music during the moon attack and as the alien craft is about to fire on the cannon you will hear the same bars of music that were used just as the aliens were about to fire in Independence Day.