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Ghost Rider [2007] (1 disc)

Director:Mark Steven Johnson
Writer:Mark Steven Johnson
Composer:Christopher Young
Length:114 minutes
(1 hour 54 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Suggested Event Use:Halloween
Sorting Category:Graphic Novel
Sorting Tub:Alpha
IMDB Rating:5.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:27%
Amazon Rating:3.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • CG
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze gives up his soul to become a hellblazing vigilante, to fight against power hungry Blackheart, the son of the devil himself.

Reaction: Not wonderful, and not for everyone. But for simple stupid fun, I find this one sufficient.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Mark Steven Johnson => Director / Writer
Christopher Young => Composer
Brett Cullen => Barton Blaze
Charlie Garber => Officer Mackie
Daniel Frederiksen => Wallow
David Roberts => Captain Dolan
Donal Logue => Mack
Duncan Young => Skinhead
Eddie Baroo => Motorcycle Gang Member
Eva Mendes => Roxanne Simpson
Gibson Nolte => Stuart
Jessica Napier => Broken Spoke Waitress
Kenneth Ransom => T.V. Reporter
Kirstie Hutton => Amy Page
Laurence Breuls => Gressil
Lawrence Cameron Steele => X Games Announcer (as Cameron Steele)
Mathew Wilkinson => Abigor
Matt Long => Young Johnny Blaze
Nicolas Cage => Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
Peter Fonda => Mephistopheles
Raquel Alessi => Young Roxanne Simpson
Rebel Wilson => Girl in Alley
Sam Elliott => Caretaker
Tony Ghosthawk => Team Blaze
Wes Bentley => Blackheart

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Near the end of the film, Johnny tells Mephistopheles that he will be a "spirit of vengeance." The plot of the movie centers around a cursed town called San Venganza, which can loosely translate as just that: "Spirit of Vengeance" (literally, Saint Vengeance).
  • One of the few Marvel Comic-based movies that Stan Lee does not appear in. He had absolutely no involvement in the creation of the original Ghost Rider.
  • Barton Blaze calls Johnny "Hot Shot" in the first sequence. The French subtitle translates this nickname as "tte brle" - literally "Burned Head".
  • Johnny Depp was interested in playing the title role. Eric Bana was also in heavy contention for the title role.
  • To create the Ghost Rider's voice, sound designer Dane A. Davis recorded all of Nicolas Cage's lines as the Ghost Rider, and then filtered them through three different kinds of animal growls (played backwards, covering three separate frequencies), then played them through a mechanical volumizer, before finally giving them a fiery crackle. Director Mark Steven Johnson compared it to "a deep, demonic, mechanical lion's roar" and said "one thing is for sure, his voice will shake the theatre!"
  • Nicolas Cage's computer generated skull was made from a three dimensional x-ray taken of his actual skull.
  • Continuing a trend in Marvel Comics adaptations, this film features foes imported from other series. Blackheart debuted in Daredevil; Mephisto in the Silver Surfer.
  • Nicolas Cage had to have his Ghost Rider tattoo covered with make-up to play Johnny Blaze.
  • Nicolas Cage's hairpiece required three hours to apply every day.
  • The head-on shot showing Johnny Blaze crashing his motorcycle on landing after jumping a long line of trucks is identical to the famous shot of [?] Evel Knievel's crash after a spectacular jump at Caesar's Palace on December 31, 1967.