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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge [1985]

Director:Jack Sholder
Writer:David Chaskin
Composer:Christopher Young
Length:87 minutes
(1 hour 27 minutes)
MPAA Rating:R
Suggested Event Use:Halloween
Sorting Category:Susp/Hor
IMDB Rating:5.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:42%
Amazon Rating:3.0/5 stars
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  • Suspense / Horror
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
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3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: A teenage boy is haunted in his dreams by Freddy Krueger who is out to possess him to continue his murdering in the real world.

Reaction: Not a retread. This one does take the concept of the first movie and evolves it to a different kind of conflict. Still, not my kind of movie overall.

Personal Rating: 4/10

Jack Sholder => Director
David Chaskin => Writer
Christopher Young => Composer
Brian Wimmer => Do-Gooder
Christie Clark => Angela Walsh
Clu Gulager => Ken Walsh
Donna Bruce => Mrs. Grady
Edward Blackoff => Biology Teacher
Hope Lange => Cheryl Walsh
Jonathan Hart => Spike
Kim Myers => Lisa Webber
Kimberly Lynn => Patty
Lyman Ward => Mr. Grady
Mark Patton => Jesse Walsh
Marshall Bell => Coach Schneider
Melinda O. Fee => Mrs. Webber
Robert Englund => Freddy Krueger
Robert Rusler => Ron Grady
Sydney Walsh => Kerry
Tom McFadden => Mr. Webber (as Thom McFadden)

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Robert Rusler auditioned for the role of Ron Grady on the last day of shooting Weird Science. Robert Downey Jr. drove him to the audition.
  • [Nightmare] series creator Wes Craven refused to work on this film because he never wanted or intended A Nightmare on Elm Street to become an ongoing franchise (and even wanted the first film to have a happy ending), and also because he didn't like the idea of Freddy manipulating the protagonist into committing the murders.
  • Grossed nearly twice as much as the original.
  • New Line originally refused to give Robert Englund a pay raise, and an extra was cast as Freddy at the start of production. After two weeks of filming, Robert Shaye realized his error and met Englund's demands.
  • The running time for this film is 87 minutes, Freddy appears in just 13 of them.
  • Brad Pitt, John Stamos and Christian Slater all auditioned for the role of Jesse.
  • In the opening sequence, the bus driver is Robert Englund without the heavy "Freddy Krueger" make-up and his signature clothing.
  • The last film in the original [Nightmare] franchise in which Freddy's house is the focal point of Freddy's terror. In the rest of the series, Freddy's terror revolves generally around Elm Street and the town of Springwood with the house occasionally making an appearance. In the hybrid film, Freddy vs. Jason, there was a reference in the film that Lori lived in Freddy's house but the reference was cut from the theatrical release (but appears in the Deleted Scenes section of the DVD).
  • Whenever Freddy is on-screen, whalesong has been added to the background music. This only adds to the eerie dream feeling.
  • The eye in Jesse's throat was [?] Kevin Yagher's girlfriend's eye.