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The Beastmaster [1982] (1 disc)

Director:Don Coscarelli
Writer:Don Coscarelli
Paul Pepperman
Composer:Lee Holdridge
Length:118 minutes
(1 hour 58 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG
Sorting Category:Fantasy
Sorting Tub:India
IMDB Rating:5.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:50%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: A sword-and-sorcery fantasy about a young man's search for revenge. Armed with supernatural powers, the handsome hero and his animal allies wage war against marauding forces.

Reaction: The movie has problems in production quality, but it's a fair example of sword-and-sandal action fantasy.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Don Coscarelli => Director / Writer
Paul Pepperman => Writer
Lee Holdridge => Composer
Andre Norton => Novel 'The Beast Master' - uncredited
Ben Hammer => Young Dar's Father
Billy Jayne => Young Dar (as Billy Jacoby)
Christine Kellogg => Witchwoman #2
Daniel Zormeier => Winged Creature Leader
Janet DeMay => Witchwoman #1
Janet Jones => Witchwoman #3
John Amos => Seth
Joshua Milrad => Tal (as Josh Milrad)
Kim Tabet => Sacco's Daughter
Marc Singer => Dar
Paul Reynolds => Tils
Ralph Strait => Sacco
Rip Torn => Maax
Rod Loomis => King Zed
Tanya Roberts => Kiri
Tony Epper => Jun Leader
Vanna Bonta => Zed's Wife

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Dar's black tiger, Ruh, is actually a regular striped tiger dyed black. The dye would wash off around the mouth whenever the tiger took a drink, so throughout the film the stripes are often visible around the mouth. Sadly, Sultan, the tiger that played Ruh, died about 2 years after the movie as a result of severe skin problems as well as other health issues caused by the toxic black dye used.
  • The actor playing the young deposed prince was not allowed to be on the set at the same time as the tiger, so a short stunt person in a wig, photographed from behind, was used in those shots.
  • The eagle often refused to fly on cue so in order to shoot footage of it in the air it was dropped from a trapdoor in a hot air balloon.
  • The producers fired the original animal trainer in the middle of filming and hired another one.
  • Don Coscarelli claims to have read all of Andre Norton's books as a boy. Norton is the author of a novel called The Beastmaster, on which this movie is loosely based.
  • Director Don Coscarelli decided to set the story in a sort of Bronze Age milieu because he was a long time fan of Steve Reeves, [?] Ray Harryhausen and sword and sandal flicks.
  • Although the film fared only modestly at the box office, it steadily built a strong cult following over the years. It subsequently received significant local TV and cable airplay in the USA, notably HBO and TBS where it became a TV mainstay and viewer favorite. Its replay was so common that some dubbed TBS "The Beastmaster Station", and HBO as "Hey, Beastmaster is On".
  • Don Coscarelli sold off his rights on the story and characters. He has no involvement with the sequels, nor the TV-series, and doesn't see any money from them.
  • Several of the actors appear in very small costumes, including loincloth-only garb. Though the film appears to be set in a warm climate, it was quite cold on the set and the actors would have to find warmth in between scenes.
  • Producer [?] Dino De Laurentiis liked the movie and offered Don Coscarelli to direct Conan the Destroyer. Coscarelli declined because he thought the script was quite bad.
  • An eighteen years old Demi Moore auditioned several times for the part of Kiri. Although she was Don Coscarelli's favorite choice, the producers decided to cast Tanya Roberts.
  • Don Coscarelli's original choice for the villainous role of Maax was [?] Klaus Kinski, but an agreement could not be reached and the producers hired Rip Torn instead.