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Karate is a form of martial arts in which people who have had years and years of training can, using only their hands and feet, make some of the worst movies in the history of the world.

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Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney

Bradley Whitford [12]

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Born:October 10, 1959 (58)
Filmography Rating:6.52 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.36 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.44 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:47.49%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
RoboCop 3 [1993](34) => Fleck
My Life [1993](34) => Paul Ivanovich
The West Wing: Season 1 [1999](40) => Josh Lyman
The West Wing: Season 2 [2000](41) => Josh Lyman
Kate & Leopold: Director's Cut [2001](42) => J.J. Camden
The West Wing: Season 3 [2001](42) => Josh Lyman
Kate & Leopold [2001](42) => J.J. Camden
The West Wing: Season 4 [2002](43) => Josh Lyman
The West Wing: Season 5 [2003](44) => Josh Lyman
The West Wing: Season 6 [2004](45) => Writer / Josh Lyman
The West Wing: Season 7 [2005](46) => Writer / Josh Lyman
Parks and Recreation - Season 4 [2011](52) => Councilman Pillner

Trivia that mentions this person:
My Life [1993]
  • Both Richard Schiff and Bradley Whitford would later star opposite each other in [The West Wing]
    Parks and Recreation - Season 4 [2011]
  • In {Live Ammo}, Bradley Whitford plays a town councilman - in his office is a framed cocktail napkin with "Pillner for Pawnee". This is a nod to Whitford's former character Josh Lyman in [The West Wing], where a cocktail napkin with "Bartlet for America" was a key plot device.
  • Councilman Pilner (Bradley Whitford) says the line, "We play with live ammo around here.". This is a line directly from [The West Wing] (a show in which Whitford and Lowe stared together) said by Rob Lowe's character, Sam Seaborn. The episode also draws its title, 'Live Ammo,' from this line.
  • In {Live Ammo}, there's an Easter egg in councilman Pillner's office. To begin the scene, the camera holds on a framed napkin, with "Pillner for Pawnee" written on it. That's a reference to the show that Bradley Whitford (the actor of Larry Pillner) starred in, [The West Wing], in that the president in the series had a napkin framed that read "Bartlet for America."
    The West Wing: Season 1 [1999]
  • 20 Hours in L.A. - During a party Donna walks away from Josh to "Go stalk Matthew Perry". Matthew Perry goes on to appear in episode 20 of season 4. He also appears in Aaron Sorkin's later TV show [Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip] with Bradley Whitford who plays Josh Lyman.
  • Bradley Whitford was originally cast as Sam. Whitford, who had read for the part of Josh, called Aaron Sorkin and told him "I'm not Sam, I'm Josh!".
  • Janel Moloney originally auditioned for the part of CJ Cregg. After being cast as Donna, she was never supposed to be a regular. Co-star Bradley Whitford pointed out the obvious chemistry between the characters of Josh and Donna, and Aaron Sorkin agreed. Nevertheless, Moloney was credited as a guest star for the entire first season. The first time her name appears in the opening credits, is in season two, episode one, "In The Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I." To the horror of her father, in particular, her last name was misspelled. This was subsequently corrected.
    The West Wing: Season 2 [2000]
  • In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I - In the DVD commentary it is mentioned that when shooting the scene in which Donna learns about Josh's serious injury, Richard Schiff, instead of using the line in the script, told Janel Moloney, playing Donna, that "Bradley Whitford died", prompting her absolutely devastated expression in the scene.
    The West Wing: Season 5 [2003]
  • Han - Although Josh Lyman makes a lot of insulting Wisconsin jokes, Bradley Whitford is actually from Wisconsin.