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X-Men Origins: Wolverine [2009] (2 discs)

Director:Gavin Hood
Writer:David Benioff
Skip Woods
Composer:Harry Gregson-Williams
Length:107 minutes
(1 hour 47 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Graphic Novel
Sorting Tub:Bravo
IMDB Rating:6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:37%
Amazon Rating:3.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: The early life of one Logan who grows up to become Wolverine.

Reaction: It's not terrible. But it doesn't have much heart. Great action sequences, but they don't spend much time making you care about the characters. You care about Wolverine ONLY because he was in the three X-Men movies.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Gavin Hood => Director
David Benioff => Writer
Skip Woods => Writer
Harry Gregson-Williams => Composer
Lauren Shuler Donner => Producer
Aaron Jeffery => Thomas Logan
Alice Parkinson => Elizabeth Howlett
Asher Keddie => Dr. Carol Frost
Chris Sadrinna => Van Mier
Daniel Henney => Agent Zero
Danny Huston => Col. William Stryker
David Ritchie => Dr. Abraham Cornelius
Dominic Monaghan => Chris Bradley / Bolt
Henry Browne => Curtis
Hugh Jackman => Logan / Wolverine
John Pyper-Ferguson => Minivan Father
Julia Blake => Heather Hudson
Kevin Durand => Fred Dukes / Blob
Liev Schreiber => Victor Creed
Lynn Collins => Kayla Silverfox
Max Cullen => Travis Hudson
Michael-James Olsen => Young Victor
Myles Pollard => Phelan
Patrick Stewart => Professor Charles Xavier (uncredited)
Peter O'Brien => John Howlett
Ryan Reynolds => Wade Wilson
Scott Adkins => Weapon XI
Stephen Anderton => Marcuse
Stephen Leeder => General Munson
Tahyna Tozzi => Emma Frost / Kayla's Sister
Taylor Kitsch => Gambit / Remy LeBeau
Tim Pocock => Scott Summers
Troye Sivan => James Howlett
Will.i.Am => John Wraith (as

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Will.i.Am accidentally punched the camera while filming a fight scene and scarred his knuckles.
  • Some of the mutants William Stryker has captured and encaged are recognizable: - the tongued boy is Mortimer Toynbee (Toad, who was seen in X-Men); - the teenager with the tornado is Sofia Mantega (Wind Dancer), who can summon winds; - the boy vibrating in his cage is Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver, son of Magneto), whose power is super-speed; - and the boy with the tape over his mouth is Sean Cassidy (Banshee, who appears in X-Men: First Class), whose power is sonic-level screaming.
  • Throughout the film, Logan wears a brown/yellow motorcycle jacket. In the comics, Wolverine wore a brown/yellow costume.
  • With this film, Hugh Jackman emerges as the first actor to be credited as playing a comic book hero in four consecutive films since Christopher Reeve as Superman. (Patrick Stewart also appears in this film and the 3 previous X-Men films, though his appearance is uncredited, with CGI used to make him appear younger, as was used in X-Men: The Last Stand.)
  • This is the first time the mutant Gambit appears in an X-Film. He was planned to make appearances in the previous X-Films, but was always cut out.
  • Bryan Singer (who directed the first two X-Films), Brett Ratner (who directed the 3rd and previous X-Film), Len Wiseman, [?] Alexandre Aja, and Zack Snyder all expressed interest in directing the film before Gavin Hood was hired.
  • Liev Schreiber was given a muscle suit to wear for his role as Victor Creed, similar to what Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut) wore in X-Men: The Last Stand, to make his physique look comparable to Hugh Jackman's 220 lb. figure. The suit made Schreiber feel "humiliated", and he requested for a chance to gain real muscle. He trained for three months while filming Defiance in Lithuania, and continued to train alongside Jackman during filming. Jackman also made Schreiber add a great deal of protein to his diet, which Schreiber called "the genocide of chickens." In the end Schreiber gained 40 lbs. and had to buy several new suits due to his back gaining several inches in width: "I can't fit into my favorite suit now! But I felt like I owed it to the genre to be big."
  • Karl Urban and Gerard Butler were both considered for the part of Victor Creed. Michelle Monaghan was offered the role of Silver Fox, but though she wanted to work with Hugh Jackman she had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. [?] Michael C. Hall was at one point considered for the role of William Stryker.
  • In New Orleans, Logan (Wolverine) tells Victor Creed (Sabretooth) "I'm gonna cut your goddamn head off!" In the comics Wolverine actually killed Sabretooth that way (it doesn't happen in the film though).
  • In James Howlett's bedroom a picture of a wolverine can be seen, foreshadowing his mutation and later title.
  • Tyler Mane, who played Sabretooth in X-Men, requested to reprise the role, but he was turned down by the filmmakers who wanted a younger actor for the prequel. Hugh Jackman recommended his Kate & Leopold co-star Liev Schreiber for the role of Sabretooth, describing him as having the necessary competitive streak to portray Sabretooth. During filming, they dared each other to perform more and more of their own stunts.