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The West Wing: Season 7 [2005] (6 discs)

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Synopsis: Santos and Vinick go head to head as the election runs most of the season. Dramatic developments and compelling interpersonal drama.

Reaction: A good final season. Rather different from the president's second campaign in season 3.

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Allison Smith => Mallory O'Brien (Requiem)
Anna Deavere Smith => Nancy McNally (Requiem)
Chris Ellis => Congressman Fields (Requiem)
Elisabeth Moss => Zoey Bartlet (Requiem)
Emily Procter => Ainsley Hayes (Requiem)
Gary Cole => Vice President Bob Russell (Requiem)
Mary-Louise Parker => Amy Gardner (Requiem)
Tim Matheson => John Hoynes (Requiem)
Annabeth Gish => Elizabeth Bartlet Westin (Internal Displacement)
Ashlyn Sanchez => Miranda Santos (Running Mates)
Joshua Cabrera => Peter Santos (Running Mates)
Stephen Root => Bob Mayer (Running Mates)
Brett Cullen => Governor Ray Sullivan R-WV (Message of the Week)
Patricia Richardson => Sheila Brooks (Message of the Week)
Ron Silver => Bruno Gianelli (Message of the Week)
Timothy Davis-Reed => Mark O'Donnell - Vinick Reporter #2 (Message of the Week)
Tom Everett => Agent Charles Frost (Message of the Week)
Charles Noland => Reporter #2 - Steve (The Al Smith Dinner)
Dean Norris => Steve Hodder - Republican Party Chairman (The Al Smith Dinner)
Christopher Misiano => Debate Heckler (The Debate)
Danny Pudi => Santos Aide #2 (Two Weeks Out)
Evan Arnold => Ned (The Ticket)
Karis Campbell => Ronna (The Ticket)
Marlee Matlin => Joey Lucas (The Ticket)
Matthew Del Negro => Bram Howard (The Ticket)
Mindy Seeger => Chris (The Ticket)
Oliver Platt => White House Counsel Oliver Babish (The Ticket)
Renée Estevez => Nancy (The Ticket)
Timothy Busfield => Danny Concannon (The Ticket)
Foo Fighters => Themselves (Election Day: Part 1)
J.K. Simmons => Harry Ravitch (Duck and Cover)
John Aylward => Barry Goodwin - Former DNC Chair (Mr. Frost)
Steve Ryan => Secretary of Defense Miles Hutchinson (Mr. Frost)
Thomas Kopache => Assistant Secretary of State Bob Slatterly (Mr. Frost)
John Balma => Cartwright (Tomorrow)
Jon Bon Jovi => Jon Bon Jovi (Welcome to Wherever You Are)
Kathleen York => Andrea Wyatt (Welcome to Wherever You Are)
Melinda McGraw => Jane Braun (The Cold)
Michael O'Neill => Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield (The Last Hurrah)
Nina Siemaszko => Ellie Bartlet (Here Today)
Peter James Smith => Ed (Here Today)
William Duffy => Larry (Here Today)
Rob Lowe => Sam Seaborn (Transition)
Robert Foxworth => Senator George Montgomery (The Wedding)
Yvans Jourdain => Bermudan Ambassador (The Wedding)
Ron Canada => Under Secretary of State Theodore Barrow (Undecideds)
Ron Ostrow => John - Reporter #5 (The Mommy Problem)
Tom Chick => Gordon - Reporter #2 (as Tom W. Chick) (The Mommy Problem)
Xander Berkeley => Franklin Hollis (Institutional Memory)
Alex Graves => Director / Writer
Andrew Bernstein => Director
Christopher Misiano => Director
Laura Innes => Director
Lesli Linka Glatter => Director
Matia Karrell => Director
Max Mayer => Director
Mimi Leder => Director
Nelson McCormick => Director
Paul McCrane => Director
Steve Shill => Director
Tim Matheson => Director
Bradley Whitford => Writer / Josh Lyman
Debora Cahn => Writer
Eli Attie => Writer
John Wells => Writer
Josh Singer => Writer
Lauren Schmidt => Writer
Lawrence O'Donnell => Writer
Peter Noah => Writer
Aaron Sorkin => Creator
Alan Alda => Senator Arnold Vinick
Allison Janney => C.J. Cregg
Dulé Hill => Charlie Young
Janeane Garofalo => Louise Thornton
Janel Moloney => Donna Moss
Jimmy Smits => Matthew Santos
John Spencer => Leo McGarry
Joshua Malina => Will Bailey
Kristin Chenoweth => Annabeth Schott
Lily Tomlin => Deborah Fiderer
Martin Sheen => President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet
Mary McCormack => Kate Harper
Melissa Fitzgerald => Carol Fitzpatrick
NiCole Robinson => Margaret
Richard Schiff => Toby Ziegler
Stockard Channing => Abbey Bartlet
Teri Polo => Helen Santos

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Election Day: Part 2 - According to Lawrence O'Donnell, he and the other writers intended for Arnold Vinick to win the election, but changed the result after the death of John Spencer, as they felt that would be too emotionally taxing for the viewers for Santos to lose both his running mate and the election. However, this has been disputed by other writers, who claim that their intention even before Spencer passed away was for Santos to win.
  • Running Mates - This was the first episode to air shortly after the death of John Spencer. It began with a brief memorial presented by Martin Sheen to honor his cast mate and his friend.
  • Tomorrow - Aaron Sorkin has a cameo as one of the White House aides sitting in the stands in the Inauguration scene.
  • Tomorrow - As the Bartlets prepare to return to "normal" life, Abby asks President Bartlet "When's the last time you drove a car?" to which he replies "It's just like riding a bike, except with more horsepower, right?" The very first episode of "The West Wing" opened with the staff having to react to news of President Bartlet falling off a bicycle.
  • Transition - The exterior of the hotel where the Santoses are staying is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City (as can be seen above the door). Though it was originally the Hotel Utah, it is now an administrative building and library owned by the Mormon Church.
  • The Cold - John Spencer's final appearance is in this episode (Leo McGarry) before he unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 59. His character's sudden passing was dealt with in the episodes The West Wing: Election Day: Part 1 (2006) and The West Wing: Election Day: Part 2 (2006).
  • The Debate - This is the only episode of the series in which none of the original main cast appeared.
  • The Debate - Congressman Santos's defense of the term "liberal" is a paraphrase of Kennedy's 1960 NY acceptance speech.
  • The Debate - The Debate was advertised as a "live presidential debate" and was actually telecast live twice, once for the East and West coasts, with limited commercial interruption. It was also one of the few times actors were allowed to go "off script."
  • Message of the Week - Ron Silver, who played Bruno Gianelli, was a long-time Democrat. He switched sides and actually spoke at the 2004 RNC, mimicking his character (Bruno Gianelli), who switched sides from working with the Democratic Bartlett White House to working with the Presidential Republican Arnold Vinick Campaign.
  • Message of the Week - Arnold Vinick states that he is not a veteran of a foreign war. Alan Alda, who actually did serve in the military, including a tour in Korea, is best known for playing Captain Hawkeye Pierce on the show [M*A*S*H].
  • The Ticket - A reporter asks Leo McGarry about his cardiac health, which he says is fine. Sadly and ironically, the actor, John Spencer would die from a massive heart attack less than three months after this episode aired.
  • Here Today - Richard Schiff disliked the shuttle leak story-line, as he felt that Toby would never betray the President in such a fashion. He justified the story by deciding that Toby was really covering for someone else.
  • Message of the Week - This episode aired in 2005... Just 4 years before Ron Silver's death to esophageal cancer.
  • Tomorrow - The final paragraph ends with 'In this District of Columbia, on this twentieth day of January, in the year of Our Lord.'. The year is missing to help keep the continuation of this fictional presidency 'correct' right up to the end of this episode, the last ever in the series.