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Synopsis: One particular toy goes off on his own, in search of the REAL True Meaning of Christmas.

Reaction: Simple and cute. Not my favorite VeggieTale story, but it's okay.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Chris Olsen => Director
Phil Vischer => Director / Writer / Composer / Scallion / Percy Pea (voice) / Bob the Tomato / Dad Pea / Mr. Lunt / Grandpa George / Dad Carrot / Pa Grape / Mr. Nezzer
Alan Moore [II] => Composer
Kurt Heinecke => Composer
Bridget Miller => Ma Grape (voice)
Dan Anderson => Dad Asparagus (voice)
Ken Cavanagh => Buzzsaw Louie (voice)
Kristin Blegen => Laura Carrot (voice)
Lesley Benodin => Li'l Pea (voice)
Lisa Vischer => Mom Asparagus (voice) / Junior Asparagus
Mike Nawrocki => Larry the Cucumber (voice)
Shelby Vischer => Annie (voice)