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We cannot be saved until we have risen above all our enemies, not the least of which is ignorance.

—Joseph Smith

Synopsis: Many of the most popular Silly Songs, hosted by The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Personal Rating: 7/10

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Chris Olsen => Director
Mike Nawrocki => Director / Writer / Larry the Cucumber, Jerry Gourd, Jean-Claude, Scallion #2 (voice)
Kurt Heinecke => Composer
Dan Anderson => Dad Asparagus (voice)
Jim Poole => Scooter (voice)
Lisa Vischer => Mom Asparagus (voice) / Junior Asparagus
Mike Sage => Scallion #3 (voice)
Phil Vischer => Percy Pea (voice) / Mr. Nezzer / Scallion #1 / Jimmy Gourd / Frankencelery / Phillippe / Bob the Tomato / Pa Grape / Archibald / Mr. Lunt