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Synopsis: Toto Baggypants gets a special bean as a gift from his uncle and sets out to learn what his gift is for.

Reaction: This is a uniquely odd take on The Lord of the Rings with a lot of creativity.

Personal Rating: 8/10

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Mike Nawrocki => Director / Larry the Cucumber - Ear-O-Corn / Cockney Eagle / Chief Elder / Jerry Gourd - Other Elf
Phil Vischer => Writer / Jimmy Gourd - Leg-O-Lamb / Mr. Nezzer - Randolf / Lead Scallion - Scaryman / Archibald - Billboy Baggypants / Mr.Lunt - Ahem / Bob the Tomato / Pa Grape - Grumpy
Kurt Heinecke => Composer
Ally Nawrocki => Girl Pea
Andy Youssi => Additional Voices
Brian Roberts => Additional Voices
Charles R. Vollmer => Additional Voices (as Charles Vollmer)
Charlotte Jackson => Elf Girl - Miss Achmetha
J. Chris Wall => Additional Voices
Joe Spadaford => Lead Spork
Lisa Vischer => Junior Asparagus - Toto Baggypants
Tim Hodge => Umbrella Boy