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Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 3 [2003] (7 discs)

Composer:Diane Warren
Length:1008 minutes
(16 hours 48 minutes)
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
Sorting Tub:Mike
IMDB Rating:7.6/10
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
  • CG
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Synopsis: Enterprise is sent to contact a species bent on eradicating Humanity.

Reaction: This is where Enterprise really began to shine.

Personal Rating: 8/10

"Twilight" and "North Star"

Select Guest Cast
Adam Taylor Gordon => Young Charles Tucker (The Xindi)
Marco Sanchez => Corporal Romero (The Xindi)
Nathan Anderson => Sergeant Kemper (The Xindi)
Richard Lineback => Kessick (The Xindi)
Stephen McHattie => Alien Foreman (The Xindi)
Adam Taylor Gordon => Sim Trip at 8 (Similitude)
Maximillian Kesmodel => Sim Trip at 4 (as Maximillian Orion Kesmodel) (Similitude)
Shane Sweet => Sim Trip at 17 (Similitude)
Andrew Borba => Xindi-Reptilian Lieutenant (The Council)
Bruce Thomas => Xindi-Reptilian Soldier (The Council)
Mary Mara => Sphere-Builder Presage (The Council)
Ruth Williamson => Sphere-Builder Primary (The Council)
B.K. Kennelly => Alien Merchant (Rajiin)
Dell Yount => B'Rat (Rajiin)
Duncan K. Fraser => Ensign Walsh (Rajiin)
Nikita Ager => Rajiin (Rajiin)
Steve Larson => Zjod (Rajiin)
Brett Rickaby => Yedrin Koss (Twilight)
Casey Biggs => Illyrian Captain (Damage)
Josette DiCarlo => Sphere-Builder Woman (Damage)
Christopher Goodman => Thalen (Azati Prime)
Conor O'Farrell => Pri'Nam D'Jamat (Chosen Realm)
David Youse => Nalbis (Chosen Realm)
Gregory Wagrowski => Ceris (Chosen Realm)
Lindsey Stoddart => Indava (Chosen Realm)
Vince Grant => Yarrick (Chosen Realm)
Daniel Dae Kim => Corporal Chang (Extinction)
Philip Boyd => Com Officer (Extinction)
Roger R. Cross => Tret (as Roger Cross) (Extinction)
Danny Kaye => Hubert Hawkins (Doctor's Orders)
Glynis Johns => Maid Jean (Doctor's Orders)
John Carradine => Giacomo (Doctor's Orders)
Mildred Natwick => Griselda (Doctor's Orders)
David Andrews => Lorian (E˛)
Tess Lina => Karyn Archer (E˛)
Emily Bergl => Bethany (North Star)
Glenn Morshower => MacReady (North Star)
James Parks => Deputy Bennings (North Star)
Paul Rae => Bartender (North Star)
J. Paul Boehmer => SS Officer (Zero Hour)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan => Xindi-Reptilian (Carpenter Street)
Leland Orser => Loomis (Carpenter Street)
John Cothran Jr. => Gralik Durr (The Shipment)
Sam Witwer => Sloth #3 (The Shipment)
Josh Drennen => Thalen (Stratagem)
Josh Drennen => Degra's Assistant (Proving Ground)
Molly Brink => Lieutenant Talas (Proving Ground)
Julia Rose => Corporal McKenzie (Anomaly)
Ken Lally => Lt. Taylor (Anomaly)
Mark Correy => Engineer Alex (Anomaly)
Robert Rusler => Orgoth (Anomaly)
Sean McGowan => Corporal Hawkins (Anomaly)
Maury Sterling => Tarquin (Exile)
Noa Tishby => Amanda Cole (Harbinger)
Thomas Kopache => The Alien (Harbinger)
Seth MacFarlane => Engineer (The Forgotten)
Allan Kroeker => Director
David Livingston => Director
David Straiton => Director
James L. Conway => Director
LeVar Burton => Director
Michael Grossman => Director
Michael Vejar => Director
Robert Duncan McNeill => Director
Roxann Dawson => Director
André Bormanis => Writer
Brannon Braga => Writer
Brent V. Friedman => Writer
Chris Black => Writer
David A. Goodman => Writer
Jonathan Fernandez => Writer
Manny Coto => Writer
Mike Sussman => Writer
Phyllis Strong => Writer
Rick Berman => Writer
Diane Warren => Composer
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Anthony Montgomery => Ensign Travis Mayweather
Connor Trinneer => Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III
Dominic Keating => Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Gary Graham => Vulcan Ambassador Soval
Jeffrey Combs => Commander Shran
John Billingsley => Dr. Phlox
John Fleck => Silik
Jolene Blalock => Sub-Commander T'Pol
Linda Park => Ensign Hoshi Sato
Matt Winston => Temporal Agent Daniels
Randy Oglesby => Degra
Rick Worthy => Jannar
Scott Bakula => Captain Jonathan Archer
Scott MacDonald => Commander Dolim
Steven Culp => Major Hayes
Tucker Smallwood => Xindi-Primate Councilor

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Connor Trinneer discovered a lot of his friends were closet Trekkies when he got his role.
  • Dominic Keating was denied a callback for a guest shot on [Star Trek: Voyager] because Rick Berman wanted him for this.
  • Ben Browder was considered for the role of Major Hayes.
  • In episode #3.8, {Twilight}, T'Pol tells the amnesiac Archer that they are "...on the fifth planet of the Ceti Alpha system." This is the same planet on which Captain Kirk left Khan Noonien Singh in [Star Trek] episode {Space Seed}. At that point, Ceti Alpha V is described as harsh and inhospitable but survivable. Despite the fact that the landscape seen through the windows in {Twilight} seems to be not only congenial but even pleasant, as opposed to merely survivable, this is consistent with what is learned of the Ceti Alpha system in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. In the film, Khan states that Ceti Alpha V was turned into a wasteland by the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI, which altered the orbit of Ceti Alpha V. Planets don't typically explode for no reason - it is likely that there was an ongoing problem with VI that turned V from the paradise we see in {Twilight}, to the "harsh but survivable" world described in {Space Seed}, to the wasteland seen and described in The Wrath of Khan.
  • Although produced in widescreen since 2001 in anticipation of HDTV, actual broadcast of the series in HDTV by UPN did not begin until the fall of 2003, midway through [season 3].
  • Julia Rose, who has a recurring role as a space marine (MACO) this season season, wears a uniform previously worn by [?] Hilary Swank in The Core. According to a September 2003 interview with Rose, the uniform still has a label with Swank's name on it.
  • The Enterprise's sister ship (the NX-02, seen under construction in the episode {The Expanse}) was finally given a name, Columbia, towards the end of the third season. The ship was named after the space shuttle Columbia, in honor of its late crew. This leads some to speculate that all NX-class ships will be named after space shuttles, because this is actually also the order in which the orbiter fleet was built. Enterprise came first, as a test vehicle not flown in space, then Columbia. In the order they were produced, the orbital vehicles (popularly known as spaceshuttles) made after the first two were Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour (built to replace the loss of the Challenger). With NX-01 being Enterprise, NX-02 Columbia, it is within reason that NX-03 will be Challenger, NX-04 Discovery, NX-05 Atlantis, and NX-06 Endeavour.
  • T'Pol's eyebrows change appearance between the second and third seasons, becoming more arched and Vulcan-like. In a 2004 interview with Femme Fatales magazine, Jolene Blalock revealed that she and her makeup artist unilaterally decided to sneak a change in T'Pol's eyebrows amongst the character's pre-third season hairstyle and costume alterations, and no one from the production office complained.
  • It is revealed in the season three finale episode #3.24, {Zero Hour}, that the founding members of the United Federation of Planets are Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites.
  • Out of all the main Xindi characters, the Xindi-Humanoid (played by Tucker Smallwood) was the only one whose real name we never learned.