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Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 2 [2002] (7 discs)

Composer:Diane Warren
Length:1092 minutes
(18 hours 12 minutes)
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
Sorting Tub:Mike
IMDB Rating:7.4/10
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
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3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Enterprise continues her exploration.

Reaction: Largely more of the same.

Personal Rating: 7/10

"Cogenetor" and "Regeneration"

Select Guest Cast
Aaron Lustig => Guri (The Catwalk)
Brian Cousins => Alien Lieutenant (The Catwalk)
Danny Goldring => Alien Captain (The Catwalk)
Zach Grenier => Renth (The Catwalk)
Andreas Katsulas => Vissian Captain Drennik (Cogenitor)
Becky Wahlstrom => Vissian Cogenitor (Cogenitor)
F.J. Rio => Vissian Chief Engineer (Cogenitor)
Larissa Laskin => Calla, Vissian Engineer's Wife (Cogenitor)
Laura Interval => Veylo, Vissian Tactical Officer (as Laura Interval) (Cogenitor)
Ann Cusack => Maggie (Carbon Creek)
David Selburg => Vulcan Captain (Carbon Creek)
Hank Harris => Jack (Carbon Creek)
J. Paul Boehmer => Mestral (Carbon Creek)
Jolene Blalock => T'Mir (Carbon Creek)
Michael Krawic => Stron (Carbon Creek)
Boris Karloff => Frankenstein's Monster (Horizon)
Colin Clive => Dr. Henry Frankenstein (Horizon)
Corey Mendell Parker => Paul Mayweather (Horizon)
Joan Pringle => Rianna Mayweather (Horizon)
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez => Juan (Horizon)
Brad Greenquist => Captain Khata'n Zshaar (Dawn)
Gregg Henry => Zho'Kaan (Dawn)
Brian Reddy => Dr. Temec (The Communicator)
Dennis Cockrum => Alien Barkeep (The Communicator)
Francis Guinan => General Gosis (The Communicator)
Tim Kelleher => Lieutenant Pell (The Communicator)
Brigid Brannagh => Ruby (First Flight)
Keith Carradine => A.G. Robinson (First Flight)
Michael Canavan => Vulcan Advisor #1 (First Flight)
Vaughn Armstrong => Commodore Maxwell Forrest (First Flight)
Bruce Davison => Menos (The Seventh)
David Richards => Dockmaster (The Seventh)
Stephen Mendillo => Vulcan Captain Tavek (The Seventh)
Christopher Shea => Andorian Captain Telev (Cease Fire)
John Balma => Muroc (Cease Fire)
Suzie Plakson => Tarah (Cease Fire)
Dan Desmond => Klingon Chancellor (The Expanse)
Gary Bullock => Klingon Council Member (The Expanse)
Daniel Riordan => Duras (Judgement)
J.G. Hertzler => Advocate Kolos (Judgement)
Holmes Osborne => Enolian Official (as Holmes R. Osborne) (Canamar)
Mark Rolston => Kuroda Lor-ehn (Canamar)
Sean Whalen => Zoumas (Canamar)
Jamison Yang => Crewman (The Breach)
Jeff Hayenga => Dr. Yuris (as Jeffrey Hayenga) (Stigma)
Melinda Page Hamilton => Feezal (Stigma)
Michael Ensign => Dr. Oratt (Stigma)
Jim Fitzpatrick => Commander Williams (Shockwave: Part 2)
Keith Allan => Suliban Commander Raan (Shockwave: Part 2)
John Short => Drake (Regeneration)
Jordan Lund => Skalaar (Bounty)
Robert O'Reilly => Kago-Darr (Bounty)
Joseph Will => Crewman Michael Rostov (The Crossing)
Solomon Burke Jr. => Billy (The Crossing)
Steven Allerick => Ensign Cook (The Crossing)
Keone Young => Hoshi's Father (Vanishing Point)
Larry Cedar => Tessic (Marauders)
Mark Correy => Engineer Alex (Minefield)
Matthew Kaminsky => Cunningham (Singularity)
Padma Lakshmi => Kaitaama (Precious Cargo)
Roxann Dawson => Repair Station Computer (voice) (Dead Stop)
Vaughn Armstrong => Kreetassan Captain (A Night in Sickbay)
Allan Kroeker => Director
David Livingston => Director
David Straiton => Director
James A. Contner => Director
James L. Conway => Director
James Whitmore Jr. => Director
LeVar Burton => Director
Michael Vejar => Director
Patrick R. Norris => Director
Robert Duncan McNeill => Director
Roxann Dawson => Director
André Bormanis => Writer
Brannon Braga => Writer
Chris Black => Writer
David A. Goodman => Writer
David Wilcox => Writer
Hans Tobeason => Writer
John Shiban => Writer
Mike Sussman => Writer
Phyllis Strong => Writer
Rick Berman => Writer
Diane Warren => Composer
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Anthony Montgomery => Ensign Travis Mayweather
Connor Trinneer => Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III
Dominic Keating => Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Gary Graham => Vulcan Ambassador Soval
James Horan => Humanoid Figure
Jeffrey Combs => Commander Shran
John Billingsley => Dr. Phlox
John Fleck => Silik
Jolene Blalock => Sub-Commander T'Pol
Linda Park => Ensign Hoshi Sato
Matt Winston => Temporal Agent Daniels
Scott Bakula => Captain Jonathan Archer
Vaughn Armstrong => Admiral Maxwell Forrest

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Majel Barrett, Joseph Ruskin, Clint Howard and Jack Donner are the only actors to appear in both this series and the original [Star Trek].
  • This is the only [Star Trek] series to have the same regular cast throughout its entire run.
  • John Shiban, who previously had a long career on the [The X Files], was brought on as writer and producer of [Enterprise] for its second season. The first episode he wrote was #2.3, {Minefield}, and tackled a sensitive subject in the world of Trek continuity, the Romulans. Despite fears, the episode was raved by critics and fans accepted the complicated continuity as a result.
  • The first [Star Trek] series to not use "starring" and "also starring" in the credits; also the first to not name the characters being played by the actors (i.e. [Actor] as [Character]).
  • After the space shuttle Columbia disaster on 1 February 2003, last-minute editing on episode #2.17, {Canamar}, (broadcast 26 February 2003) was done to remove a shot of a spaceship exploding as it enters a planet's atmosphere.
  • The solar system in the title sequence is described in German.
  • Jeffrey Combs, Gary Graham and Matt Winston are the only actors, besides the regulars, to appear in all four seasons.
  • The interiors were inspired by a visit to a docked nuclear submarine.
  • The bridge set has 80 plasma screens built into it.
  • Jonathan Frakes's character William Riker is the only one to appear in [all four] [Star Trek] [live spin-off] [series].