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Synopsis: Han's friends rescue him from Jabba and they all go for a quick jaunt to a planet of teddy bears.

Reaction: This is a fitting ending to the series, despite avid fans' insistence that Lucas make episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Richard Marquand => Director
George Lucas => Writer
Lawrence Kasdan => Writer
John Williams => Composer
Alec Guinness => Ben 'Obi-Wan' Kenobi
Annie Arbogast => Sy Snootles
Anthony Daniels => C-3PO
Billy Dee Williams => Lando Calrissian
Carrie Fisher => Princess Leia
Claire Davenport => Fat Dancer
David Prowse => Darth Vader
Deep Roy => Droopy McCool
Denis Lawson => Wedge
Erik Bauersfeld => Bib Fortuna / Admiral Ackbar (voice) (uncredited)
Ernie Fosselius => Giran (voice) (uncredited) / Malakili - Rancor Keeper
Femi Taylor => Oola
Frank Oz => Yoda (voice)
Harrison Ford => Han Solo
Ian McDiarmid => The Emperor
Jack Purvis => Teebo
James Earl Jones => Voice of Darth Vader (voice)
Jeremy Bulloch => Boba Fett
Katie Purvis => Ewok
Kenneth Colley => Admiral Piett
Kenny Baker => Paploo / R2-D2
Kiran Shah => Ewok
Larin Lahr => GONK droid
Larry Ward => Jabba the Hutt (voice)
Malcolm Dixon => Ewok Warrior (as Malcom Dixon)
Mark Dodson => Salacious Crumb
Mark Hamill => Luke Skywalker
Michael Carter => Bib Fortuna
Paul Brooke => Malakili - Rancor Keeper (uncredited)
Peter Mayhew => Chewbacca
Phil Fondacaro => Ewok
Sebastian Shaw => Anakin Skywalker
Simon Williamson => Max Rebo
Tim Rose => Admiral Ackbar (as Timothy M. Rose)
Tony Cox => Ewok
Warwick Davis => Wicket

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Jabba the Hutt's full name is Jabba Desilijic Tiure.
  • The raspy, labored breathing heard from Darth Vader at the end, after he kills the Emperor was originally meant to be how his breathing sounded when he was first introduced in Star Wars. The sound of this labored breathing was kept and used for this film.
  • Ian McDiarmid (The Emperor) and David Prowse (Darth Vader) have never met. Vader was played by fight double Bob Anderson for all of the camera shots in which Vader and the Emperor appeared at the same time.
  • At the end, when Luke cremates Darth Vader, he starts the fire at big toe of his right foot. He also apparently walks around the pyre. Those details and the style of the pyre correspond to Hindu tradition.
  • One of the words C-3PO uses to communicate with the Ewoks is "naboo" which is the name of Queen Amidala's planet in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.
  • Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas initially wanted to include the "victory over the Empire" shots on the imperial city. However, they were unable to get a satisfactory name for the capital planet of the Empire. In May 1991, author [?] Timothy Zahn wrote a [Star Wars] spin-off book, Heir to The Empire, and came out with the capital planet's name as Coruscant. Lucas was happy with the name and as the result, CG shots of victory celebration sequences of other cities, including Coruscant (where the statue collapsed) was included in the 1997 Special Edition.
  • One of the songs that the Ewoks sing sounds like: "Det luktar flingor här", which is Swedish for "It smells of cereal here." (In fact, that line's lyrics are supposedly, "G'noop dock fling oh ah.")
  • It was originally intended for the Millennium Falcon to not make it out of the exploding Death Star. While this was eventually dropped, a fragment of the idea remains when Han says, "I just got a funny feeling, like I'm not gonna see her again."
  • Carrie Fisher complained about her costumes in the previous two movies. She said they were so long, you could not tell "she was a woman". Those complaints led to the skimpy outfit she wore as Jabba's prisoner. The costume became something of a running joke among the crew, because the metal framework that held the top together meant that the costume didn't move well with her. Since Fisher didn't like the industry standard solution of using double-sided tape, it became necessary before each take to have a wardrobe person check to ensure that her breasts were still snug inside the costume top (and several scenes had to be re-shot when "wardrobe malfunctions" occurred).
  • Originally, George Lucas was disapproving of Richard Marquand's choice in casting Ian McDiarmid as The Emperor. The choice eventually grew on Lucas, as he eventually went on to cast McDiarmid as the younger version of the same character in the next three episodes of the Saga.
  • Nien Numb, Lando's co-pilot, speaks a Kenyan dialect called Haya. According to sound designer Ben Burtt, the lines were delivered by a Kenyan student living in the US, and are actually correct Hayan translations of the English text. Audiences in Kenya were reportedly very thrilled to hear their language spoken in proper context.