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Adam Nimoy => Adam Nimoy (The Spock Resonance)
Casey Sander => Mike Rostenkowski (The Spock Resonance)
Leonard Nimoy => Mr. Spock (The Spock Resonance)
William Shatner => Captain James T. Kirk (The Spock Resonance)
Adam West => Adam West (The Celebration Experimentation)
Sara Gilbert => Leslie Winkle (The Celebration Experimentation)
Stephen Hawking => Stephen Hawking (The Celebration Experimentation)
Analeigh Tipton => Vanessa Bennett (The Mystery Date Observation)
Bob Newhart => Arthur Jeffries (The Opening Night Excitation)
Brian Thomas Smith => Zack Johnson (The Fermentation Bifurcation)
Elena Campbell-Martinez => Maria (The Helium Insufficiency)
Michael Rapaport => Kenny Fitzgerald (The Helium Insufficiency)
Elon Musk => Elon Musk (The Platonic Permutation)
Wayne Wilderson => Travis (The Platonic Permutation)
Jane Kaczmarek => Dr. Gallo (The Sales Call Sublimation)
Jim Meskimen => Minister (The Matrimonial Momentum)
Judd Hirsch => Dr. Alfred Hofstadter (The Convergence Convergence)
Marcus Folmar => Police Officer (The Convergence Convergence)
June Squibb => Meemaw (The Meemaw Materialization)
Keith Carradine => Wyatt (The Bachelor Party Corrosion)
Melissa Tang => Mandy Chow (The Separation Oscillation)
Anthony Rich => Director
Mark Cendrowski => Director
Nicole Lorre => Director
Adam Faberman => Writer
Anthony Del Broccolo => Writer
Chuck Lorre => Writer / Creator
Eric Kaplan => Writer
Jeremy Howe => Writer
Jim Reynolds => Writer
Maria Ferrari => Writer
Saladin K. Patterson => Writer
Steve Holland => Writer
Steven Molaro => Writer
Tara Hernandez => Writer
Barenaked Ladies => Songs
Bill Prady => Creator
Alessandra Torresani => Claire
Christine Baranski => Dr. Beverly Hofstadter
Jim Parsons => Sheldon Cooper
John Ross Bowie => Barry Kripke
Johnny Galecki => Leonard Hofstadter
Kaley Cuoco => Penny (as Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting)
Kevin Sussman => Stuart Bloom
Kunal Nayyar => Raj Koothrappali
Laura Spencer => Emily Sweeney
Laurie Metcalf => Mary Cooper
Mayim Bialik => Amy Farrah Fowler
Melissa Rauch => Bernadette Rostenkowski
Simon Helberg => Howard Wolowitz
Stephen Merchant => Dave Gibbs
Wil Wheaton => Wil Wheaton

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The Big Bear Precipitation: The episode title "The Big Bear Precipitation" refers directly to the location of the cabin, Big Bear, and the fact that it rains. However, the title also refers to the large teddy bear Raj gets for the Wolowitz family.
  • The Celebration Experimentation: Since this is the 200th episode in the series, rumors circulated for weeks as to which celebrities would appear as guest stars on the episode.
  • The Sales Call Sublimation: Sheldon has a light version of grapheme-color synesthesia, as he sees prime number as red and prime twins as pink.
  • The Opening Night Excitation: Wil Wheaton is shown using his Star Trek background to taunt the Star Wars moviegoers and play up the rivalry between the two fan bases. In real life, Wheaton has actually been a Star Wars fan since childhood, predating his connections with the Star Trek franchise.
  • The Platonic Permutation: Penny asks Leonard who her favorite Backstreet Boy is and he tells her that she is team *NSync all the way. [?] Nick Carter from BSB played Kaley Cuoco's bf on [8 Simple Rules] and The Hollow.
  • The Spock Resonance: Wil Wheaton introduces Adam Nimoy to Sheldon. Wheaton is known for [Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)], and Nimoy's first directorial efforts were two Next Generation episodes, [Star Trek: The Next Generation: Rascals (1992)] and [Star Trek: The Next Generation: Timescape (1993)]. Ironically, Wheaton wasn't in either episode.
  • The Spock Resonance: Only acting credit for Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy (who had featured in the show in [The Big Bang Theory: The Transporter Malfunction (2012)]). Adam has mostly worked as a copyright lawyer and a TV director, and has appeared as himself in a number of documentaries.
  • The Spock Resonance: The documentary about Spock that is being filmed in this episode is a genuine title called For the Love of Spock (2016). In addition to clips from this episode being shown in the documentary, Jim Parsons, Bill Prady and Mayim Bialik were all interviewed for it.
  • The 2003 Approximation: First episode listing Laura Spencer (Raj's girlfriend Emily) in the opening credits.
  • The Perspiration Implementation: In the opening sequence, Sheldon is wearing a shirt with a transliteration matrix for the comics-version of the Kryptonian alphabet.
  • The Bachelor Party Corrosion: The van used is the actual van that had been owned by [?] Richard Feynman.
  • The Matrimonial Momentum: During their wedding, Penny quotes "You've Got a Friend In Me" from Toy Story. The actress who plays Sheldon's mother is Laurie Metcalfe, who also plays Andy's mother in Toy Story.
  • The Convergence Convergence: Johnny Galecki met Judd Hirsch at the James Burrows tribute show and personally asked him to play Leonard's father.