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Toy Story 2 [1999] (2 discs)

Director:John Lasseter
Writer:Andrew Stanton
Chris Webb
Doug Chamberlin
Rita Hsiao
Composer:Randy Newman
Length:92 minutes
(1 hour 32 minutes)
MPAA Rating:G
Sorting Category:Family
Sorting Tub:Echo
IMDB Rating:8.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:100%
Amazon Rating:5.0/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Kids
  • Family
  • CG
  • Action
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Woody is toy-napped by a collector who plans to sell him to a museum in Japan.

Reaction: Pixar amazingly improves on the first movie both technically and thematically.

Personal Rating: 9/10

John Lasseter => Director
Andrew Stanton => Writer / Evil Emperor Zurg
Chris Webb => Writer
Doug Chamberlin => Writer
Rita Hsiao => Writer
Randy Newman => Composer
Annie Potts => Bo Peep
Dave Foley => Flik the Ant
Don Rickles => Mr. Potato Head
Estelle Harris => Mrs. Potato Head
Jeff Pidgeon => Green Aliens
Jim Varney => Slinky Dog
Joan Cusack => Jessie - Yodeling Cowgirl
Jodi Benson => Tour Guide Barbie / Barbie on Backpack
Joe Ranft => Wheezy the Penguin
John Morris [II] => Andy
John Ratzenberger => Hamm the Piggy Bank
Jonathan Harris => Geri the Cleaner
Kelsey Grammer => Stinky Pete the Prospector
Laurie Metcalf => Andy's Mom
R. Lee Ermey => Army Sarge
Robert Goulet => Wheezy the Penguin (singing voice)
Tim Allen => Buzz Lightyear
Tom Hanks => Woody
Wallace Shawn => Rex the Green Dinosaur
Wayne Knight => Al the Toy Collector

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • For the scene where Woody looks at the merchandise from Woody's Roundup, mock-ups of the toys were shown to Tom Hanks in the recording booth. Hanks' spontaneous reactions to the toys were recorded and used for Woody's dialogue.
  • When the toys are playing cards during Woody's nightmare after being "shelved," all the cards are the ace of spades. In fortune telling, the ace of spades represents death.
  • When Jessie (Joan Cusack) first meets Woody (Tom Hanks), she exclaims, "Sweet mother of [?] Abraham Lincoln!" Lincoln's mother was [?] Nancy Hanks, a blood relative of Tom Hanks. Tom is a direct descendant of an uncle of Nancy.
  • The Life Magazine issue with Woody and Bullseye on the cover says "Doctors Say Americans Don't Eat Enough Fat."
  • This was the first sequel for Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.
  • Originally intended as a direct-to-video release, but the early test scenes played so well that Pixar started over and redeveloped it into a theatrical release movie.
  • The partially missing ear on the Rock-em-Sock-em Robot is a reference to the notorious Mike Tyson - [?] Evander Holyfield match, in which Tyson bit off a piece of Holyfield's ear.
  • After Rex jumps out of the car in Al's Toy Barn to chase after the Zurg help book, he runs to catch the car. Mr. Potato Head views him in the review mirror - a reference to Jurassic Park when the T-Rex chases the crew in the jeep.
  • The dust in the scene where Woody meets Wheezy set a record for number of particles animated for a movie by computer.
  • The floating rocks in the canyon at beginning of the movie were an accident, but John Lasseter liked the effect, so it was used in the final film.