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RoboCop [1987]

Director:Paul Verhoeven
Writer:Edward Neumeier
Michael Miner
Composer:Basil Poledouris
Length:103 minutes
(1 hour 43 minutes)
MPAA Rating:R
Sorting Category:SciFi
IMDB Rating:7.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:88%
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
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Synopsis: After a fatal incident on the job, a good cop comes back to work with a little corporate backing and a new backbone.

Reaction: Classic movie, though pretty heavy on the violent side so take that into consideration.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Paul Verhoeven => Director / Dancer at Disco (uncredited)
Edward Neumeier => Writer
Michael Miner => Writer
Basil Poledouris => Composer
Bill Farmer => Justin Ballard-Watkins
Calvin Jung => Steve Minh
Dan O'Herlihy => The Old Man (as Daniel O'Herlihy)
Del Zamora => Kaplan
Felton Perry => Johnson
Jesse D. Goins => Joe P. Cox (as Jesse Goins)
Kurtwood Smith => Clarence J. Boddicker
Lee de Broux => Sal (as Lee DeBroux)
Leeza Gibbons => Jesse Perkins
Miguel Ferrer => Bob Morton
Nancy Allen => Officer Anne Lewis
Paul McCrane => Emil M. Antonowsky
Peter Weller => Officer Alex J. Murphy / RoboCop
Ray Wise => Leon C. Nash
Rick Lieberman => Walker
Robert DoQui => Sergeant Warren Reed
Ronny Cox => Dick Jones
S.D. Nemeth => Bixby Snyder
Tyrees Allen => Starkweather (as Tyress Allen)

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Realizing that the film was running behind schedule and over budget, director Paul Verhoeven and producer [?] Jon Davison purposely didn't film one crucial scene: Officer Murphy's death. When production wrapped, they went back to Los Angeles and 'grimly' informed the execs that Murphy's death hadn't been filmed. So the execs gave them more money and they filmed the scene in a warehouse in Los Angeles.
  • Writers and producers were concerned that cops would be offended by their portrayal on the movie. On the contrary, they loved it.
  • RoboCop's first Directive, "Serve the Public Trust," was inspired by a fortune cookie.
  • The RoboCop suit was so hot and heavy that Peter Weller was losing 3 lbs a day from water loss. Eventually, an air conditioner was installed in the suit.
  • Seven RoboCop suits were used throughout of the movie. Out of the seven, one of them had special safeguards and fireproof fiberglass to help the stuntman perform the gas station scene. Another two were used exclusively during the third act of the movie where RoboCop gets damaged from the ED-209 and the Detroit Police Department. There was no 'one suit' as most people who would think, but actually more than one as each one is fragile and easily destroyed during filming.
  • After Clarence was taken to the precinct, he spits blood onto the table demanding for a phone call. This was not in the script but was improvised on the spot by Kurtwood Smith.
  • Ray Wise actually kept a part of the torn and tattered remains of Leon's clothing (worn for the crane tower explosion) after filming by wrapping it in a plastic bag.
  • This was the second time that Kurtwood Smith killed Miguel Ferrer in a movie. The first was in Flashpoint.
  • Originally, Clarence Bodicker was the lone villain in the movie, but the filmmakers decided to capitalize on the political commentary by making Dick Jones (as played by Ronny Cox) the arch villain pulling the strings. As a result, the two central storylines (RoboCop hunting Bodicker/the politics of OCP) converge into the finale.
  • The computer that RoboCop looks up criminal records on is actually a Northern Telecom telephone switch.