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Parks and Recreation: Season 6 [2013]

Songs:Mark Rivers
Length:462 minutes
(7 hours 42 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:5.0/5 stars
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  • Comedy
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Synopsis: Pawnee and Eagleton merge properties and cause a number of growing pains when Pawnee ironically needs to help their neighboring township out of a financial hole.

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Alan Yang => Chang (Farmers Market)
Andrew Burlinson => Burly (Farmers Market)
Mark Rivers => Rivers (Farmers Market)
Andy Forrest => Kyle (Fluoride)
Bob Bancroft => Frank Mann (Fluoride)
John Balma => Barney (Fluoride)
Reggie Wayne => Reggie Wayne (Fluoride)
Billy Eichner => Craig Middlebrooks (Doppelgängers)
June Diane Raphael => Tynnyfer (Doppelgängers)
Melinda Cohen => Evelyn (Doppelgängers)
Sam Elliott => Ron Dunn (Doppelgängers)
Brent Briscoe => JJ (The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic)
Chris Bosh => Chris Bosh (The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic)
Kristen Bell => Ingrid De Forest (The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic)
Brian Stack => Ted (New Beginnings)
Brittany Oaks => Ssassandra Ssassnorp (Prom)
Cody Klop => Greg Pikitis (Prom)
Cooper Thornton => Dr. Harris (One in 8,000)
Keegan-Michael Key => Joe (One in 8,000)
Dan Castellaneta => Derry Murbles (Anniversaries)
Sydney Endicott => Madison (Anniversaries)
Eric Isenhower => Orin (Ann and Chris)
Tuc Watkins => Pistol Pete (Ann and Chris)
Ginuwine => Ginuwine (Moving Up: Part 1)
Megan Mullally => Tammy Two (Moving Up: Part 1)
Michelle Obama => Michelle Obama  (Moving Up: Part 1)
Harris Wittels => Harris (London: Part 1)
Heidi Klum => Ulee Danssen (London: Part 1)
Helen Slayton-Hughes => Ethel Beavers (London: Part 1)
Henry Winkler => Dr. Saperstein (London: Part 1)
Jenny Slate => Mona-Lisa (London: Part 1)
Marc Evan Jackson => Trevor Nelsson (London: Part 1)
Mary Faber => Kathryn Pinewood (London: Part 1)
Mel Cowan => Red-Faced Man (London: Part 1)
Peter Serafinowicz => Lord Edgar Covington (London: Part 1)
Sara Van Horn => Gretel (London: Part 1)
Susan Yeagley => Jessica Wicks (London: Part 1)
Jim Meskimen => Martin Housely (Flu Season 2)
Kathryn Hahn => Jennifer Barkley (Second Chunce)
Kevin Symons => Councilman Dexhart (Gin It Up!)
Rodney To => Typhoon (Gin It Up!)
Tatiana Maslany => Nadia (Gin It Up!)
Yvans Jourdain => Councilman Howser (Gin It Up!)
Matt Besser => Crazy Ira (New Slogan)
Nick Kroll => The Douche (New Slogan)
Richard Portnow => Mitch Savner (The Wall)
Adam Scott => Director / Ben Wyatt
Alan Yang => Director / Writer
Beth McCarthy-Miller => Director
Dean Holland => Director
Jay Karas => Director
Jorma Taccone => Director
Julie Anne Robinson => Director
Ken Whittingham => Director
Michael Schur => Director / Writer
Michael Trim => Director
Morgan Sackett => Director
Nick Offerman => Director / Ron Swanson
Nicole Holofcener => Director
Wendey Stanzler => Director
Aisha Muharrar => Writer
Amy Poehler => Writer / Leslie Knope
Dave King => Writer
Donick Cary => Writer
Emma Fletcher => Writer
Harris Wittels => Writer
Jen Statsky => Writer
Joe Mande => Writer
Matt Hubbard => Writer
Matt Murray => Writer
Megan Amram => Writer
Rachna Fruchbom => Writer
Sam Means => Writer
Mark Rivers => Songs
Alison Becker => Shauna Malwae-Tweep
Aubrey Plaza => April Ludgate
Aziz Ansari => Tom Haverford
Ben Schwartz => Jean-Ralphio
Carter Weaver => Triplet #2
Chris Pratt => Andy Dwyer
Jay Jackson => Perd Hapley
Jim O'Heir => Jerry Gergich
Jon Glaser => Councilman Jamm
Jon Hamm => Ed  (uncredited)
Kaitlyn Otey => Triplet #3
Lucy Lawless => Diane Lewis
Maxwell Weaver => Triplet #1
Mo Collins => Joan Callamezzo
Rashida Jones => Ann Perkins
Retta => Donna Meagle
Rob Lowe => Chris Traeger

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • There is a scene in {Ann and Chris} where Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) wears a [?] JFK mask in Ann's going away party and says some pickup line. Rob Lowe played JFK in the movie Killing Kennedy.
  • Ben Schwartz originally auditioned for the role of Dave Sanderson before being later cast in the different role of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein.
  • Leslie's pregnancy with triplets was foreshadowed in season 2 episode 13, entitled {The Set-Up} when she goes on a date with [?] Will Arnet's character who gives her an MRI scan. He comments on how she has 'a great oven' and said "If you wanted to, you could go triplets right off the bat."
  • Mayfair Games, makers of Settlers of Catan, were contracted to make Ben Wyatt's Cones of Duneshire look like a professional board game. Instead, Mayfair Games made a playable game with a full set of rules. However, it's complex and dense, so it has not been produced for the market. It was played at GenCon 2014 in Indiana, where 33 people paid $100 each for a ticket to play and the Ledgerman position (the scorekeeper who doesn't play) was auctioned off. The event made more than $20,000 for an Indiana food bank.
  • Production briefly moved to London for {London: Part 1} and {London: Part 2} to allow Andy (Chris Pratt) to make an appearance, as he was in England to film Guardians of the Galaxy. Andy's (Chris Pratt) significant weight loss is briefly mentioned by Ben (Adam Scott). This is in reference to his slimming down and buffing up for his role as Starlord. Ben says to Andy "So all you did is stop drinking beer?" and Andy replies "Yea I lost like 50lbs in a month." He actually lost 60lbs in real life for his role in Guardians.
  • In this season, we meet Ann and Chris' ob/gyn (played by Henry Winkler), who also turns out to be the father of Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa Saperstein. This means that Ann's ob/gyn is named Dr. Saperstein, which is also the name of the doctor in the movie Rosemary's Baby who helps trick Rosemary into giving birth to the devil's child.
  • In {London: Part 1} we meet a character played by Peter Serafinowicz who costars alongside Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy as Denarian Saal
  • In a season two episode, Tom expressed a desire to open a business called Tom's Bistro. At the end of season six, Tom opens a restaurant called Tom's Bistro.
  • Both S2E16 & S6E16 are titled {Galentine's Day}.
  • Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones left the show on good terms. The decision was mutual among them and the showrunners as their departure made sense for the characters and allowed the actors to move on to other projects. Jones, in particular, wanted to focus more on writing.
  • For Ben's 90's themed birthday party in {Filibuster}, everyone dresses as they were in the 90's Rob Lowe, who plays Chris is wearing the same outfit that he wore in The Outsiders. The Outsiders was actually released in the 80's.
  • In {Gin It Up!} Tom talks in a British accent to Nadia, who is played by Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany. Maslany, using a fake British accent, starred in the BBC America show [Orphan Black], in which she plays a British woman named Sarah Manning. Aziz Ansari, who plays Tom, is a huge fan of that show.
  • In {London: Part 2}, Ann mentions to Chris that the name Olive would be a good name for a girl, it is later shown that she has a son named Olivier.
  • During the Pawnee-Eagleton tipoff game in {The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic}, Leslie makes a statement about how the Eagleton players are dunking and could not be in high school. The tall basketball player who dunks on Pawnee is the Miami Heat basketball player Chris Bosh.
  • There is still a love lock on the Pont des Arts in Paris, France with Leslie and Ben on it to honor the show (seen in the episode {Second Chunce}).
  • In {One in 8,000} Dr. Saperstein tells Ben to act like Matthew McConaughey in a hammock on the beach and Ben unwittingly responds with a stressed out and intermittent "Alright, alright, alright" - a quote from McConaughey's character from Dazed and Confused.
  • During the scene in {Recall Vote} where Leslie recites the poem to the children and Ben removes her from the room, they are dressed as Wesley (as Dread Pirate Roberts) and Buttercup, and one of the children is dressed as a Rodent of Unusual Size.
  • In {Moving Up: Part 1} Dr. Saperstein states he has a dry cleaning transitional holding company that's doing very well. When Tom was looking for new business ventures, Ben tried to convince him to open this type of business.