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Parks and Recreation: Season 2 [2009]

Director:Jason Woliner
Writer:Daniel J. Goor
Songs:Mark Rivers
Length:504 minutes
(8 hours 24 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
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Synopsis: Leslie continues her ridiculous level of enthusiasm and Andy is living in the pit. Things can only get ... different?

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Alan Yang => Bass Player (Galentine's Day)
Andrew Burlinson => Guitarist (Burly) (Galentine's Day)
John Larroquette => Frank Beckerson (Galentine's Day)
Mark Rivers => Drummer (Galentine's Day)
Alison Becker => Shauna Malwae-Tweep (The Possum)
Judith Moreland => Evelyn Roushland (The Possum)
Andy Forrest => Kyle (Leslie's House)
Bonita Friedericy => Maria (Leslie's House)
John Balma => Barney (Leslie's House)
Andy Milder => Fred (Woman of the Year)
Ian Roberts => Ian Winston (Woman of the Year)
Andy Samberg => Carl Lorthner (Park Safety)
April Eden => Trish Ianetta (as April Marie Eden) (Beauty Pageant)
Jim Meskimen => Martin Housely (Beauty Pageant)
Susan Yeagley => Jessica Wicks (Beauty Pageant)
Barry Sigismondi => Fire Chief (The Camel)
Kirk Fox => Joe (The Camel)
Phil Reeves => Paul Iaresco (The Camel)
Ben Schwartz => Jean-Ralphio (The Set Up)
Justin Theroux => Justin Anderson (The Set Up)
Will Arnett => Chris (The Set Up)
Blake Lee => Derek (Pawnee Zoo)
Darlene Hunt => Marcia Langman (Pawnee Zoo)
Josh Duvendeck => Ben (Pawnee Zoo)
Tahmus Rounds => Zookeeper (Pawnee Zoo)
Bonnie Hellman => Woman in Red (Sister City)
Carlos Carrasco => Antonio (Sister City)
Eric Edelstein => Lawrence (Sister City)
Fred Armisen => Raul (Sister City)
Brendan Hunt => Man #3 (Sweetums)
Christopher Murray => Nick Newport Sr. (Sweetums)
Don McManus => Randall (Sweetums)
Gary Weeks => Nick Newport Jr. (Sweetums)
Brian McCann => Freddy Spaghetti (Freddy Spaghetti)
Chris Tallman => Wendell Adams (Kaboom)
H. Jon Benjamin => Scott Braddock (Kaboom)
Katie Dippold => Credit Card Rep on Phone (voice) (Kaboom)
Paul Scheer => Keef Slertner (Kaboom)
Cody Klop => Greg Pikitis (Greg Pikitis)
Cooper Thornton => Dr. Harris (Greg Pikitis)
Dakin Matthews => David (Summer Catalog)
Jack Wallace => Clarence (Summer Catalog)
Michael Gross => Michael (Summer Catalog)
Detlef Schrempf => Detlef Schrempf (Telethon)
Jama Williamson => Wendy Haverford (Practice Date)
Kevin Symons => Bill Dexhart (Practice Date)
Jay Johnston => Ranger (Hunting Trip)
Yvans Jourdain => Councilman Howser (Hunting Trip)
John Ellison Conlee => Larry Ludgate (94 Meetings)
Mel Cowan => Red-Faced Man (94 Meetings)
Minni Jo Mazzola => Natalie Ludgate (94 Meetings)
Terri Hoyos => Rita Ludgate (94 Meetings)
Megan Mullally => Tammy Two (Ron and Tammy)
Natalie Morales => Lucy (The Master Plan)
Jason Woliner => Director / Director
Alex Hardcastle => Director
Charles McDougall => Director
Dean Holland => Director
Greg Daniels => Director
Ken Kwapis => Director
Ken Whittingham => Director
Michael Schur => Director / Writer
Michael Trim => Director
Millicent Shelton => Director
Paul Feig => Director
Randall Einhorn => Director
Seth Gordon => Director
Tristram Shapeero => Director
Troy Miller => Director
Daniel J. Goor => Writer / Writer
Aisha Muharrar => Writer
Alan Yang => Writer
Amy Poehler => Writer / Leslie Knope
Harris Wittels => Writer
Katie Dippold => Writer
Mike Scully => Writer
Norm Hiscock => Writer
Rachel Axler => Writer
Mark Rivers => Songs
Adam Scott => Ben Wyatt
Aubrey Plaza => April Ludgate
Aziz Ansari => Tom Haverford
Chris Pratt => Andy Dwyer
Jim O'Heir => Jerry Gergich
Louis C.K. => Dave Sanderson
Mo Collins => Joan Callamezzo
Nick Offerman => Ron Swanson
Pamela Reed => Marlene Knope
Paul Schneider => Mark Brendanawicz
Rashida Jones => Ann Perkins
Retta => Donna Meagle
Rob Lowe => Chris Traeger

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Episode {Greg Pikitis} is the first appearance of Burt Macklin, Andy's alter ego. It later becomes his go to character.
  • Starting in {Ron and Tammy}, Ron's ex-wife Tammy is played by Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman's wife in real life.
  • Like his {Sister City} character, Raul, Fred Armisen is Venezuelan.
  • While kambooming in {Kaboom}, Leslie says they are in Eagleton two towns over. Eagleton is one town over. It is Pawnee's rival town and there is no way that Leslie would volunteer in Eagleton as she has a deep seated resentment for the town and it's inhabitants.
  • In {Summer Catalog} April lies and says that she is 25 in this episode. Aubrey Plaza was really 25 when this aired.
  • For a few episodes in Season 2, Leslie Knope dates a lawyer played by Justin Theroux. In {Galentine's Day} costarring Justin, Leslie discusses soul mates in a talking head and says to the camera "Oh Jen, I really want you to be happy." Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were married two years after this episode aired.
  • The scene in {Kaboom} where Andy shows up at Ann's house naked and Leslie opens the door was partially improvised. Chris Pratt was supposed to be wearing nude colored underwear that would be pixelated later on. After a few takes, he took them off to surprise Amy Poehler to get a better reaction. This was the take used in the final cut.
  • On {Galentine's Day}, Leslie asked Frank if he was ever a lawyer. Frank answers that it never worked out, and adds that he did act as his own lawyer once. Frank was played by [?] John Laroquette, who also guest-starred as Joey Heric in The Practice from 1997-2002, representing himself against several charges of murder. He also previously played Dan Felding, a prosecutor in Night Court from 1984-1992, and Carl Sack, a senior partner at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt, in Boston Legal from 2007-2008.
  • The episode {Hunting Trip} marks the beginning of the running gag throughout the series in which Leslie runs into Councilman Howzer while doing something foolish or immature.
  • Leslie's blind date, Chris, is played by Amy Poehler's real life-husband at the time, Will Arnett. They separated in 2012. This is the second time Amy Poehler and Will Arnett play characters romantically interested in each other. This first happened in the [Arrested Development] episode, Arrested Development: {Altar Egos}.
  • In {Woman of the Year}, Tom says he wants to open a place called Tom's Bistro. Tom does eventually open a restaurant called Tom's Bistro after many other failed ventures.
  • Mo Collins, who plays Joan Callamezzo, also played Starla the Secretary on [Arrested Development]. Starla had an obsession with the musician Quincy Jones, whose daughter is Rashida Jones, who plays Ann Perkins on [Parks and Recreation].
  • In {Tom's Divorce}, if you look at the back of Ron's head shows that his hair hasn't fully grown back from an injury in the previous episode, {Hunting Trip}.
  • In {The Master Plan}, 3 of the main characters (Leslie, Anne, and Tom) meet their future significant others.
  • In {Woman of the Year}, Leslie mentioned that Camp Athena was her "brainchild." In the Greek legends, Athena sprouted from Zeus's mind, making her a literal brainchild.
  • Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson, has a woodworking business on the side of his acting career. Offerman's real woodshop was dressed up and used as Ron's fictional woodshop in {The Possum}.
  • In {Woman of the Year}, after Andy mentions that every song he writes has the lines "Spread your wings and fly" or "You deserve to be a champion," every Mouse Rat song on the show has one of those lines.
  • In {Woman of the Year}, Ron says the project is named Camp Xena instead of Camp Athena. In season 5, Ron marries a character played by Lucy Lawless, who is Xena warrior princess.
  • There is an actual non-profit called KaBOOM! (as seen in {Kaboom}), founded by [?] Darrell Hammond in 1996, that helps communities build and renovate playgrounds and playspaces.
  • In {The Stakeout}, Leslie never finds out who planted the marijuana in the pit. In {Summer Catalog}, Michael mentions that he has planted marijuana in community gardens throughout Pawnee.