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The Office: Season 4 [2007]

Composer:Jay Ferguson
Length:405 minutes
(6 hours 45 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.7/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Drama
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Synopsis: Ryan's with corporate in New York. Jan's with Michael in Scranton. Jim's with Pam in secret. And Dwight's in the doghouse with Angela.

Reaction: This is the first season that I watched as it aired. It's basically the prime example of the show, in my book.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Select Guest Cast
Adam Jamal Craig => Rolando (Branch Wars)
Rashida Jones => Karen Filippelli (Branch Wars)
Allan Wasserman => Nick Figaro (Money)
Michael Schur => Mose (Money)
Ranjit Chowdhry => Vikram (Money)
Amy Ryan => Holly Flax (Goodbye, Toby)
Andy Buckley => David Wallace (The Deposition)
Holly Maples => Diane Kelly (The Deposition)
Michael Potter => The Mediator (The Deposition)
Noel Petok => Troy Undercook (The Deposition)
Patrick O'Connor => Lester Snyder (The Deposition)
April Eden => Deborah Shoshlefski (Chair Model)
Barry Sigismondi => WB Jones (Chair Model)
Brooke Dillman => Margaret (Chair Model)
Beth Grant => Dwight's Babysitter (Dinner Party)
Cassie Fliegel => Tall Girl #1 (Night Out)
Hugh Dane => Hank (Night Out)
Lynsey Nicole Harris => Basketball Girl (Night Out)
Taji Coleman => Tall Girl #2 (Night Out)
Elvy Yost => Megan (scenes deleted) (Job Fair)
Nelson Franklin => Graphic Design Guy (Job Fair)
Phil Reeves => Phil Maguire (Job Fair)
Trevor Einhorn => Justin Polznik (Job Fair)
Jackie Debatin => Elizabeth the Stripper (Fun Run)
Marcus A. York => Billy Merchant (as Marcus York) (Fun Run)
Omi Vaidya => Sadiq (Fun Run)
Rashida Jones => Karen Filippelli (Fun Run)
John Ingle => Robert Dunder (Dunder Mifflin Infinity)
Kevin Dorff => Aaron Grandy (Dunder Mifflin Infinity)
Kevin McHale => Delivery Kid (Launch Party)
Kyle Bornheimer => Adman (Local Ad)
Tim Kang => Koh (Local Ad)
Craig Zisk => Director
Greg Daniels => Director / Writer
Jason Reitman => Director
Jeffrey Blitz => Director
Joss Whedon => Director
Julian Farino => Director
Ken Whittingham => Director
Paul Feig => Director
Paul Lieberstein => Director / Writer / Toby Flenderson
Randall Einhorn => Director
Tucker Gates => Director
B.J. Novak => Writer / Ryan Howard
Brent Forrester => Writer
Gene Stupnitsky => Writer
Jennifer Celotta => Writer
Justin Spitzer => Writer
Lee Eisenberg => Writer
Lester Lewis => Writer
Michael Schur => Writer
Mindy Kaling => Writer / Kelly Kapoor
Steve Carell => Writer / Michael Scott
Jay Ferguson => Composer
Angela Kinsey => Angela Martin
Brian Baumgartner => Kevin Malone
Craig Robinson => Darryl Philbin
Creed Bratton => Creed Bratton
Ed Helms => Andy Bernard
Jenna Fischer => Pam Beesly
John Krasinski => Jim Halpert
Kate Flannery => Meredith Palmer
Leslie David Baker => Stanley Hudson
Melora Hardin => Jan Levinson
Oscar Nuņez => Oscar Martinez
Phyllis Smith => Phyllis Lapin
Rainn Wilson => Dwight Schrute
Robert R. Shafer => Bob Vance

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • {Dinner Party}, was said, by the cast members of the dinner party, to be the hardest episode to film, due to laughter.
  • The gray 3/4 length coat Dwight wears is an East German Army great coat.
  • When Jim is transferred to Stamford his title is Assistant Regional Manager.
  • In {Goodbye Toby}, the voice of the woman that Phyllis talks to on the phone about the anti-gravity machine is Amy Ryan (who also plays Holly Flax).
  • Rainn Wilson was an avid viewer of the British series prior to his audition for [The Office]. He originally auditioned for the role of Michael Scott, which he referred to as a "terrible [Ricky] Gervais impersonation." The casting directors preferred his audition as Dwight Schrute and cast him in that role instead.
  • Actor Paul Giamatti was offered the lead role of Michael Scott, which he declined.
  • The ping pong game between Dwight and Mose was made using Computer-generated imagery. Rainn Wilson and Michael Schur mimed the actions of a ping pong game, and during the stages of editing and post-production the ping pong ball was added in as an effect.
  • B.J. Novak's brother Jesse, a musician, contributed in writing the song that some of the characters sing in the episode.
  • In the episode {Money}, Creed states he has never declared bankruptcy and transfers his debt to [?] William Charles Schneider, which is the actor Creed Bratton's birth name. The passport Creed holds up gives a birth date of February 8th, 1943, which is the actor's actual date of birth.
  • The binary that Dwight types "011 1111 011 011" doesn't translate to anything as read on screen. However there is a fan theory that sending on how "Dwight" wanted the code to be read. That if you add back the zeros left out due to them not being needed and reverse the order. You get "01100110" and "01101111" which stand for the letters "F" and "O". So Dwight would be telling the computer "Why don't you F O"
  • The show had to stop production in November 2007 because of a writer's strike. The show's star Steve Carell (himself a WGA member) supported the writers, and refused to cross the picket lines even for non-writing duties. Carell went so far as to call in sick to the network on the first day of the strike, citing a case of "enlarged balls" as the reason he couldn't come in.
  • On {The Deposition}, the scene where Michael pushes Toby's lunch tray off the table was not scripted. The crew was doing one last take of the scene and actor Paul Lieberstein suggested that Steve Carell push his food off the table.
  • Each season contains many Billy Joel references included by the writers who favor Joel.
  • Angela Kinsey (Angela) was pregnant during the filming of most of season 4, that's why the cameras never show her stomach.
  • When Meredith asks Jim to sign her cast on {Launch Party}, John Krasinski, who plays Jim, actually signs his real name.