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We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails


Synopsis: Cal Meecham is invited to join an elite think-tank by a mysterious figure.

Reaction: There is a number of great segments in this movie and many of the jibes from our quick-witted heroes are truly priceless.

Personal Rating: 9/10

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Joseph M. Newman => Director
Bridget Jones => Writer
Edward G. O'Callaghan => Writer
Franklin Coen => Writer
Jim Mallon => Writer / Gypsy (MST)
Kevin Murphy => Writer / Tom Servo (MST)
Mary Jo Pehl => Writer
Michael J. Nelson => Writer / Mike Nelson (MST)
Paul Chaplin => Writer
Trace Beaulieu => Writer / Crow T. Robot (MST) / Dr. Clayton Forrester (MST)
Hans J. Salter => Composer
Henry Mancini => Composer
Herman Stein => Composer
Douglas Spencer => The Monitor of Metaluna
Faith Domergue => Dr. Ruth Adams
Jeff Morrow => Exeter
John Brady => Benkitnorf (MST)
Karl Ludwig Lindt => Dr. Adolph Engelborg (as Karl L. Lindt)
Lance Fuller => Brack
Regis Parton => Mutant
Rex Reason => Dr. Cal Meacham
Robert Nichols => Joe Wilson
Robert Williams => Webb
Russell Johnson => Steve Carlson

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • According to Faith Domergue, the pants of her costume were so skintight that she could not wear underwear. A female assistant had to help her put them on and take them off.
  • The TV show's usual density of gags was reduced for theatrical audiences, so that a larger number of people laughing wouldn't cause too much dialogue to be missed.