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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Mister Rogers Meets New Friends Collection [1979] (4 discs)

Writer:Fred Rogers
Composer:Johnny Costa
Length:899 minutes
(14 hours 59 minutes)
MPAA Rating:TV-Y7
Sorting Category:Kids
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:5.0/5 stars
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  • Kids
  • Puppets
  • Family
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Fred Rogers explores various topics for young viewers through presentations and music, both in his world and in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

Reaction: Charming. Sincere. Forget "kids of all ages," this is excellent for EVERYONE.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Select Guest Cast
Betty Seamans => Mrs. McFeely (1498: Pets)
Bill Barker => Elsie Jean Platypus (voice) (1527: Work)
Jim Beard => Beaver O'Day (1527: Work)
Bill Nye => Self (1715: Sharing)
Michael Horton [II] => Betty Okanak Templeton-Jones (voice) (1715: Sharing)
David L. Nohling => Purple Panda (1470: Superheroes)
Josť Cisneros => Josť (1470: Superheroes)
Earl Grollman => Self (1479: Divorce)
Gail Grate => Airplane Saleslady (1477: Divorce)
Liz Rossi => Little Panda (1752: Curiosity)
Matt Meko => Purple Panda (1752: Curiosity)
Mary Rawson => Cousin Mary Owl (1592: Kindness and Unkindness)
Michael Horton [II] => Nancy Caterpillar / Darrell Butterfly (1585: Alike and Different)
Tommy Tune => Sir Thomas (1594: Kindness and Unkindness)
Tony Chiroldes => H.M. Hulamouse (1747: When Things Get Broken)
Bob Walsh => Director
Hugh Martin => Director
Paul Lally => Director
Fred Rogers => Writer / Writer / King Friday XIII / Mr. Rogers / X the Owl / Cornflake S. Pecially / Lady Elaine Fairchilde / Daniel Striped Tiger / Henrietta Pussycat / Queen Sara Saturday
Johnny Costa => Composer
Audrey Roth => Miss Paulifficate
Betty Aberlin => Lady Aberlin
Carole Switala => Ana Platypus (voice)
Charles Altman => Prince Tuesday (voice)
Chuck Aber => Delivery Clown / Charles R. Aber
David Newell => Mr. McFeely
Don Brockett => Chef Brockett
Fred Michael => Prince Tuesday (voice)
Joe Negri => Handyman Negri
Lenny Meledandri => Prince Tuesday (voice)
Maggie Stewart => Mayor Maggie
Robert Trow => Harriett Elizabeth Cow (as Bob Trow) (voice)

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • 1529: Work - In Make-Believe, the children at the school are dressed as famous people from history - Harriett Elizabeth Cow as Amelia Earhart, Ana Platypus as Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Tiger as George Washington, and Prince Tuesday as King Friday XIII.
  • 1477: Divorce - Fred Rogers' religious foundation becomes apparent in this episode as he hears an explanation of what a pretzel represents: Originally, pretzels were "given to children for knowing prayers" in Germany. As they are made, pretzels are first shaped "like a great big U. Take one [side] and cross it over the other. This is to represent children's arms praying to God. Then we take one and fold over the other. That represents your parents - mom and dad. We pick up the ends and fold them on back." When Mister Rogers asks if there always has to be three holes in a pretzel, he is told that the three holes represent the Holy Trinity.
  • 1516: Day Care and Night Care - A Mister Rogers poster is visible at the day care home.
  • Putting on the sweaters was Fred Rogers' way of saying hello to his mother. He had about twenty-five sweaters that he wore over the years of the program. They were all hand-knit by his mother, who, each year, would make one for each of her children, and give it to them as a Christmas present.
  • Although Fred Rogers himself decided to quit making new episodes in 2001, this was never mentioned or hinted at on the program itself. The rationale was that most viewers of the show would grow out of it before they realized that only reruns were playing.
  • Michael Keaton, a Pittsburgh native, was the original operator of Picture Picture, the slide projector.
  • Mr. Rogers always explained to the audience what he was doing when he fed his fish. This was in response to a piece of mail from a blind girl who wanted to know when it happened on each episode.
  • Guests on the show were often surprised to find that although Rogers was just as gentle and patient in life as he was on television, he was nevertheless a perfectionist who did not allow "shoddy" ad-libbing. He believed that children were thoughtful people who deserved programming as good as anything produced for adults on television.
  • Caroll Spinney, who plays Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on [Sesame Street (1969)], agreed to appear in an episode of this show in the 1980s. When Spinney received the script for the show, which required him to remove his costume and discuss the inner-workings of the Big Bird puppet, he refused. He didn't believe in ruining the illusion of Big Bird for the children. Instead, Spinney as Big Bird appeared in a segment of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
  • There are no hands on Daniel Striped Tiger's clock, because in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, we can pretend that it is any time we want.
  • 1606: Josephine the Short Neck Giraffe - In interviews with Fred Rogers and those who knew him, it has been mentioned that Fred loved to take pictures. He would often take pictures of people he had just met in order to remember them later - much like he does several times in this episode.