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Synopsis: Young Joseph Smith has questions regarding religion, and nobody seems to be able to give him a good answer. While reading in the bible, one night, he finds a suggestion as to how he can seek the answers he needs.

Reaction: This animation tells the early story of Joseph Smith plainly and in a manner easy for kids to understand. Thumbs up.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Richard Rich => Director
Orson Scott Card => Writer
Lex de Azevedo => Composer
Carol Lynn Pearson => Songs
Amy Schumway => Younger Sophronia Smith (voice)
Anne Cullimore Decker => Woman (as Ann Decker) (voice)
Bill Lawrence => Joseph Smith (voice)
Brian Hubrich => Younger Samuel Smith (voice)
Bryce Chamberlain => Revivalist (as S. Bryce Chamberlain) (voice)
Danny Hubrich => Younger Hyrum Smith (voice)
Gae P. Cowley => Woman (as Gae Cowley) (voice)
Gregory Schumway => Younger William Smith (voice)
Jarilynne Brown => Sophronia Smith (voice)
Jeffrey Hubrich => William Smith (as Jeff Hubrich) (voice)
John Nicolaysen => Reverend (voice)
Kevin Croft => Samuel Smith (voice)
Lachlen French => The French Priest
Lisa Michelson => Younger Joseph Smith (as Liza Paulette) (voice)
Logan Field => Farmer (voice) / Store Clerk
Michael Bennett => Preacher (as Michael J. Bennett) (voice)
Morgan White => Doctor (voice)
Neal Barth => Joseph Smith Sr. (voice)
Pamela Roylance => Lucy Mack Smith (as Pam Roylance) (voice)
Paul Nichols => Hyrum Smith (voice)
Timothy Lineback => Alvin Smith (as Tim Lineback) (voice)