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Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something.

—Ron Swanson
(Nick Offerman)
[Parks and Recreation]

Synopsis: Eli, the high priest of Israel, knowingly disobeys the Lord, and he and his sons are punished. Hannah fulfills her promise to God, and gives up her son to His service. In return, God blesses Hannah by making her son, Samuel, the chosen Prophet of the people of Israel.

Reaction: Well made and a great example of serving the Lord with the right heart. Also the power of an example set by a faithful mother.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Select Cast and Crew
Richard Rich => Director
Brian Nissen => Writer
Lex de Azevedo => Composer
Carol Lynn Pearson => Songs
Cindy Basco => Woman (voice)
Daniel A. Keeler => The Lord (as Dan Keeler) (voice)
David Kelly => Hophni (voice)
James Arrington => Eli (voice)
Joe Lynch => Old Man (voice)
Johnathon Toppo => Samuel (as John Toppo) (voice)
Karin Johnson => Young Samuel (voice)
Pat Jackson => Young Hannah (voice)
Ray Porter => Phineas (voice)
Ruth Hale => Old Hannah (voice)
Sheryl Taub => Companion (voice)
Wayne Richards => Prophet (voice)