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Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.

—Charlie Brown (by Charles M. Schulz)

Synopsis: Bilbo and Company are forced to engage in a war against an array of combatants and keep the Lonely Mountain from falling into the hands of a rising darkness.

Reaction: The battle takes up far too much of the time and there's not nearly enough real story, but it's a fair capstone to the story.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Select Cast and Crew
Peter Jackson => Director / Writer
Fran Walsh => Writer
Guillermo del Toro => Writer
Philippa Boyens => Writer
Howard Shore => Composer
Adam Brown => Ori
Aidan Turner => Kili
Benedict Cumberbatch => Smaug / Necromancer  (voice)
Billy Connolly => Dain
Cate Blanchett => Galadriel
Christopher Lee => Saruman
Dean O'Gorman => Fili
Evangeline Lilly => Tauriel
Graham McTavish => Dwalin
Hugo Weaving => Elrond
Ian Holm => Old Bilbo
Ian McKellen => Gandalf
James Nesbitt => Bofur
Jed Brophy => Nori
John Bell => Bain
John Callen => Oin
Ken Stott => Balin
Lee Pace => Thranduil
Luke Evans => Bard
Mark Hadlow => Dori
Martin Freeman => Bilbo Baggins
Mikael Persbrandt => Beorn
Orlando Bloom => Legolas
Peter Hambleton => Gloin
Richard Armitage => Thorin
Ryan Gage => Alfrid
Stephen Fry => Master of Laketown
Stephen Hunter => Bombur
Sylvester McCoy => Radagast
Timothy Bartlett => Master Worrywort
William Kircher => Bifur

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Until 2017, Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom were the only major Elf actors not to appear in a Marvel film:But in 2017, Cate Blanchett appeared as Thor's Sister Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, leaving Orlando Bloom as the last elf standing.
  • Cameo: Dominic Monaghan: "Merry" from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, can be briefly seen during the auction scene.
  • In the novel, Fili and Kili died to protect Thorin Oakenshield. In the film they die for different reasons: Fili is murdered in battle by Azog and Kili is killed trying to save Tauriel while Thorin is actually trying to protect them.
  • Lee Pace's parents visited him on set and subsequently Peter Jackson offered them to be extras in the film. They were given roles as Laketown villagers and filmed a scene with Ian McKellen. However, according to Pace, they were cut out of the film, because his father was "hamming it up" during his scene.
  • Both Ian Holm and Christopher Lee filmed their scenes at London's Pinewood Studios because health concerns left them uncomfortable with flying to New Zealand.
  • Several cast members kept props from the film when shooting wrapped. Martin Freeman kept his sword and prosthetic ears, while Richard Armitage kept the original Orcrist-sword. Finally, Lee Pace kept his elven-sword, which he keeps in his umbrella stand.
  • The five armies in the movie are: The Dwarves, the Elves, the men of Laketown, the Eagles, and the Orcs led by Bolg under the command of Azog. In the book, the Five Armies are the Elves, the Men of Laketown, Dwarves and Eagles for the good side, and the Orcs
  • The oak tree on the hill over Bag End is from the acorn Bilbo gathered from Beorn's garden, which is the one he shows to Thorin; for him to remember his adventure.
  • The elk that Thranduil rides on is played by a horse, named Moose.
  • Billy Boyd, who played Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, co-wrote and performed the song "The Last Goodbye" for the end credits of this film.
  • Despite appearing in all three films of the trilogy, Cate Blanchett was on set for only eight days of the production.
  • In the book, the whole Battle Of The Five Armies takes place in just one chapter, and is described to the reader after the fact, while in the film, the battle takes up nearly half of the running time.
  • Despite playing his father in the trilogy, Lee Pace (Thranduil) is more than two years younger than Orlando Bloom (Legolas). Bloom is 38 whereas Pace is only 35.
  • In the novel, the Master of Lake-town made a getaway with whatever gold he could carry. He gets killed in the film, so that fate goes to Alfrid.
  • This is the only movie in The Hobbit trilogy as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy where Legolas blinks normally. In all the other movies, he only blinks when he is surprised or injured.
  • When the movie was promoted with a panel at San Diego Comic Con, several fans camped outside hall the day before the panel, in order to get seats. In the middle of the night, the fans were woken up by cast members Lee Pace and Andy Serkis who greeted the waiting fans and delivered autographs and photos for hours. In the end, Pace passed out from exhaustion and shared a mattress with a fan.