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Far as I see it, you people been given the shortest end of the stick ever been offered a human soul in this crap-heel 'verse. But you took that end, and you - well, you took it. And that's - Well, I guess that's somethin'.

(Adam Baldwin)

Synopsis: The East Side Kids decide to back a horse in the big race.

Reaction: Done well enough, though the pacing is a bit too slow for the tastes of the modern audience.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Select Cast and Crew
Joseph H. Lewis => Director
Alan Whitman => Writer
William Lively => Writer
Lew Porter => Composer
Bobby Jordan => Danny Dolan
Clarence Muse => Ben
Dave O'Brien => Knuckles Dolan
David Gorcey => Peewee
Donald Haines => Skinny
Ernest Morrison => Scruno (as Sunshine Sammy)
Eugene Francis => Algernon 'Algy' Wilkes
Hazel Keener => Mrs. Wilkes
Joyce Bryant => Louise
Leo Gorcey => Muggs Maloney
Milton Kibbee => Mr. Wilkes
Richard Terry => Henchman Blackie (as Richard R. Terry)
Wilbur Mack => Nick Buffalo