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Synopsis: James Bond investigates the mid-air theft of a space shuttle and discovers a plot to commit global genocide.

Reaction: A bit ridiculous at times, like the uneven and inaccurate representation of weightlessness/artificial gravity, but enjoyable in its own way.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Lewis Gilbert => Director
Christopher Wood => Writer
John Barry => Composer
Ian Fleming => Novel
Albert R. Broccoli => Man at St. Marks Square (uncredited)
Arthur Howard => Cavendish
Béatrice Libert => Drax's Girl - Mademoiselle Deradier (as Beatrice Libert)
Bernard Lee => M
Blanche Ravalec => Dolly - Jaws' Girlfriend
Catherine Serre => Drax's Girl - Countess Labinsky
Chichinou Kaeppler => Drax's Girl - Signora Del Mateo
Corinne Cléry => Corinne Dufour (as Corinne Clery)
Desmond Llewelyn => Q
Douglas Lambert => Mission Control Director
Emily Bolton => Manuela
Françoise Gayat => Drax's Girl - Lady Victoria Devon (as Francoise Gayat)
Geoffrey Keen => Sir Frederick Gray
Irka Bochenko => Blonde Beauty
Lois Chiles => Holly Goodhead
Lois Maxwell => Miss Moneypenny
Marc Smith => Tannoy voice (uncredited)
Michael G. Wilson => Man on Bridge (uncredited) / NASA Technician / Man Outside Venini Glass
Michael Lonsdale => Hugo Drax
Mike Marshall => Col. Scott (as Michael Marshall)
Nikki Van der Zyl => Corinne Dufour (voice) (uncredited)
Richard Kiel => Jaws
Roger Moore => James Bond
Toshirô Suga => Chang (as Toshiro Suga)
Walter Gotell => General Gogol

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • In order to create the final shot in which the space station is destroyed, the visual effects crew locked themselves in the studio and shot the model of the space station to pieces using shotguns.
  • The cable that Jaws bites was actually made of licorice.
  • Bernard Lee's final appearance as M. The actor died when For Your Eyes Only was in pre-production.
  • The filmmakers did not think that viewers would accept the relationship between Jaws and Dolly due to the height difference between them. Her role had been written for a giant lady to match Jaws' own size. It was only when Richard Kiel pointed out that his actual wife was the same height as Dolly that they changed their minds. Jaws' (Richard Kiel) height was 7 ft 2½ inches.
  • When work on the film began, NASA had in fact not yet officially "finalized" the design of the Space Shuttle. At the time of filming, the Approach/Landing Test with the Enterprise (OV-101) was completed in October 1977 whilst Columbia (OV-102) was under construction. Fortunately for the production designers, there were subsequently no visible changes made to the shuttle's design, making their rendering of it accurate.
  • The boat chase in Venice was slightly hampered by the fact that speed restrictions in the city were 5 knots.
  • The title song is sung by Shirley Bassey, the third and last time she did so in the [Bond] series. The other two were Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever. She also sang a version of the "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" song for Thunderball which was not used. To date, Bassey is the only singer to have performed a Bond title song more than once.
  • This was the highest grossing [Bond] movie up until the release of GoldenEye.
  • The film had the largest number of actors in weightlessness (on wires) ever filmed.
  • For the fight between James Bond and Chang, the film had the largest amount of break-away sugar glass used in a single scene.