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[being seduced by Saffron]
I wish I was somebody else right now, somebody not... married, not madly in love with a beautiful woman who can kill me with her pinky.

(Alan Tudyk)

Synopsis: Marco Polo returns to Turkey after a twenty five-year journey of the East. He tells the Duke of Venice about the riches they have found while the Duke doubts the stories. Soon a war breaks out and Marco goes to fight. He meets Rusticello, a sailor and writer. Marco and his new friend are captured and imprisoned. The Duchess of Genoa is impressed with Marco Polo's stories and visits him in prison. Marco tells her about his adventures and, Rusticello continues to write about the adventures of Marco Polo.

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Richard Rich => Director
Brian Nissen => Writer
Lex de Azevedo => Composer
Peggy de Azevedo => Songs
Al Michaels => Marco Polo (voice)
Bernie Van De Yacht => Mongolian Guide (voice)
Bum Merrill => Rusticelo (voice)
Charles Hyman => Captain (voice)
Eric Johnson => Kaidu (voice)
Jake Williamson => Duke of Genoa (voice)
Mark Hunt => Maffeo Polo (voice)
Morgan Rusler => Saba (voice)
Neil Vipond => Nicolo Polo  (voice)
Pascal Marcotte => Nayan (voice) / Sailor
R. Rose Merrill => Noblewoman (voice)
Ray Porter => Narrator (voice)
Victor Mills => Kublai Khan (voice)
William Dennis Hunt => Duke of Venice (voice)