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Synopsis: As a young girl, Joan lived in the French countryside. One day, she heard voices from heaven talking to her. The voices told Joan that she was called to help fight for the freedom of France. They also told her that Prince Charles was to be anointed and crowned the rightful king of France.

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Richard Rich => Director
Brian Nissen => Writer / King Charles (voice)
Lex de Azevedo => Composer
Peggy de Azevedo => Songs
Bernie Van De Yacht => St. Michael (voice)
Bill Lane => Tailor (voice)
Bridget Connors => Joan of Arc  (voice)
Chris Van Fleet => French Captain (voice)
Deborah Cummings => St. Catherine  (voice)
Dion Luther => English Captain (voice)
Jake Williamson => Durand (voice)
Jeff Simmons => Count Donois  (voice)
Mark Hunt => Jacques (voice)
Mary Louise Gemmill => St. Margaret (as Mary Louise-Gemmil) (voice)
Ray Porter => Narrator (voice) / Cauchon
Robert Cottrell => La Hire  (voice)
William Dennis Hunt => Talbot (voice)