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Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro [12]

Born:October 9, 1964 (57)
Filmography Rating:7.05 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.41 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.11 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:71.79%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
Blade II [2002](38) => Director
Hellboy [2004](40) => Director / Writer / Guy Dressed as Dragon (uncredited)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army [2008](44) => Director / Writer
Quantum of Solace [2008](44) => Additional Voices (voice)
Puss in Boots [2011](47) => Comandante (voice) / Moustache Man
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [2012](48) => Writer
Pacific Rim [2013](49) => Director / Writer
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Extended Edition [2013](49) => Writer
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [2013](49) => Writer
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Extended Edition [2014](50) => Writer
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies [2014](50) => Writer
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: Extended Edition [2015](51) => Writer

Trivia that mentions this person:
AVP: Alien vs. Predator: Unrated Version [2004]
  • Guillermo del Toro was offered the director's chair but opted to Hellboy instead.
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 [2010]
  • M. Night Shyamalan and Guillermo del Toro each expressed interest in directing this installment.
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [2009]
  • Director Guillermo del Toro turned down the chance to direct this film so he could work on Hellboy II: The Golden Army.
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [2004]
  • The film was offered to director Guillermo del Toro but he opted to do Hellboy instead.
    Hellboy [2004]
  • When Guillermo del Toro met with producers, many changes to the Hellboy character were suggested. One idea was to have Hellboy be a human who transforms into Hellboy when he gets angry. Another suggestion was that he came from hell but was a normal human.
  • Upon meeting to discuss the movie, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and director Guillermo del Toro decided to reveal to each other their choice for the lead role of Hellboy. They both said at the same time, Ron Perlman.
  • Director Guillermo del Toro opted to do the film over Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    Hellboy II: The Golden Army [2008]
  • Seth MacFarlane is actually fluent in German, having studied it for four years in high school and spent some time in Cologne, a fact that Guillermo del Toro was unaware of when he offered him the voice of Johann Krauss.
  • Guillermo del Toro wrote an ending which ultimately went unused: A secret base is found in the Antarctic, where Kroenen, the clockwork Nazi villain from the first film, is brought back to life as Rasputin steps out of the shadows. This would have been the setup for a potential third Hellboy film.
    Blade II [2002]
  • Scud wears a T-shirt featuring the logo of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, a reference to Mike Mignola's [Hellboy] comic, the film adaptation of which Guillermo del Toro directs and Ron Perlman stars.
    Blade: Trinity [2004]
  • Blade II director Guillermo del Toro passed on the film when Hellboy, his dream project, was greenlighted.
    AVP: Alien vs. Predator [2004]
  • Guillermo del Toro was offered the director's chair but opted to Hellboy instead.
    The Wolverine [2013]
  • Guillermo del Toro expressed interest in directing, being a fan of the Japanese saga in the "Wolverine" comics. He met with [?] James Gianopulos and Hugh Jackman about directing the film, but ultimately decided he did not wish to spend 2-3 years of his life working on the film.
    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [2013]
  • When Guillermo del Toro was going to film the series, he had Ron Perlman in mind to voice Smaug.
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [2014]
  • Other directors considered for the film include [?] Jeff Nichols, Guillermo del Toro, [?] Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, J.A. Bayona and [?] J Blakeson.
    Godzilla [2014]
  • Guillermo del Toro was seriously considered to direct, but he was busy with Pacific Rim.
    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Extended Edition [2014]
  • When Guillermo del Toro was going to film the series, he had Ron Perlman in mind to voice Smaug.
    Edge of Tomorrow [2014]
  • Guillermo del Toro worked on the initial design of the Mimics, even doing the sketches for how they should look and advising on how they should sound. The designed changed numerous times during post production and the Mimics in the movie bear little resemblance to Del Torros design.
    Megamind [2010]
  • Guillermo del Toro assisted in editing the film to make it more exciting.
    How to Train Your Dragon 2 [2014]
  • Originally, Gobber was the one who was meant to be killed by the brainwashed Toothless. But when Guillermo del Toro read the draft, he suggested that Stoick should be killed instead, as it would have a bigger impact.
    Doctor Strange [2016]
  • In 1992, Wes Craven was set to direct. Later in 2001, David S. Goyer was going to write and direct. In 2008, Guillermo del Toro was brought on as director. In 2014, Mark Andrews, Jonathan Levine, [?] Nikolaj Arcel, Scott Derrickson and Dean Israelite were on the shortlist to direct. In the end, Derrickson was officially announced to helm the film.
    The LEGO Batman Movie [2017]
  • In early casting, Guillermo del Toro and Steve Buscemi were the front runners for voicing Bane and The Joker, respectively. Mindy Kaling was considered for the voice of Harley Quinn in this film.
    Kong: Skull Island [2017]
  • Peter Jackson recommended Guillermo del Toro direct the film during development. Joe Cornish was offered the chance to direct, but declined.
    Hellboy [2019]
  • Doug Jones, who played Abe Sapien in the Guillermo del Toro [Hellboy films], was offered a cameo but was unable to participate due to commitments to [Star Trek: Discovery (2017)].
  • In mid 2012, Ron Perlman once again endured the 4-hour makeup routine required to transform him into Hellboy - not for a sequel or other acting job but to fulfill the Make-A-Wish request of a six-year-old boy named Zachary who has leukemia. Creature effects house Spectral Motion, who had worked on the two previous [Hellboy films], applied Perlman's Hellboy makeup (and later, also made up Zachary as Hellboy as well), so that Zachary could spend the day hanging out with his favorite superhero. Guillermo del Toro was so touched by this event that it inspired him to start production on Hellboy 3. However, the project was announced to be cancelled and this reboot's development started soon after.
  • Mike Mignola takes a more direct involvement in the production of this film than he did on the Guillermo del Toro [Hellboy films]. According to him, the idea with this one was to downplay the superhero elements in the film and stay closer to the darker tone of the graphic novels, making a much more horror-oriented entry into the franchise.
    Pacific Rim [2013]
  • Ron Perlman's character, Hannibal Chau, could be named after James Hong's character, Hannibal Chew, in Blade Runner (1982), as Guillermo del Toro has named the film as a huge inspiration for him as a director.
  • This was the first Guillermo del Toro film to feature Ron Perlman as a human character, since Cronos (1993).
  • The computer is voiced by Ellen McLain, who also voiced GLaDOS, the A.I. from Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011). This is in fact a cameo by GLaDOS, as Guillermo del Toro was such a fan of the games that he approached the game's developers, Valve, who approved. Del Toro said in an interview for the Toronto Sun, "I wanted very much to have her, because I'm a big Portal fan. But just as a wink. She's not cake-obsessed. She's not out to destroy humanity." He further explained, "Look, there's no A.I. I'd rather have than GlaDOS, but McLain's voice in the movie, due in theaters July 12th, has been modulated a bit to be less similar to the distinctive tone of Portal's unforgettable antagonist. The filter we're using is slightly less GLaDOS. Slightly. The one in the trailer I wanted to be full-on GlaDOS." The GLaDOS voice itself is inspired by the computer in The Thirteenth Floor (1999).
    Pacific Rim: Uprising [2018]
  • In a interview with Collider in November 2014, Guillermo del Toro talked about setting the stage for Pacific Rim 2 (2018), stating, "It's a few years after the first one. It's not an immediate follow-up. It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after -- what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat. It's quite a jump." del Toro did not return to direct Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018). He stepped down as director in order to direct The Shape of Water (2017) instead, which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.
    Joker [2019]
  • Director Guillermo del Toro states that he's a huge fan of the film.
    Dragonslayer [1981]
  • Vermithrax is Guillermo del Toro's favorite movie dragon alongside Dragon Maleficent.