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Christopher Lee, Roger Moore

Roger Moore [9]

Born:October 14, 1927 (94)
Filmography Rating:6.39 / 10
IMDB Rating:6.49 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.10 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:61.59%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
The Last Time I Saw Paris [1954](27) => Paul Lane (tennis pro)
Live and Let Die [1973](46) => James Bond
Gold [1974](47) => Rod Slater
The Man with the Golden Gun [1974](47) => James Bond
The Spy Who Loved Me [1977](50) => James Bond
Moonraker [1979](52) => James Bond
For Your Eyes Only [1981](54) => Ian Fleming's James Bond 007
Octopussy [1983](56) => James Bond
A View to a Kill [1985](58) => James Bond

Trivia that mentions this person:
Gold [1974]
  • Roger Moore was reluctant to accept the role at first, owing to the character being a cigarette smoker (he had recently stopped smoking cigarettes and gravitated to Monte Cristo cigars). As it was necessary for Rod Slater's character to smoke cigarettes rather than cigars Moore's objection was overruled, though his smoking scenes were reduced to a bare minimum.
    GoldenEye [1995]
  • This was Pierce Brosnan's first appearance as James Bond. After Roger Moore retired, considering himself to be too old to play Bond any more, Timothy Dalton was offered the role, but was unavailable. Pierce was then offered the role of James Bond in The Living Daylights, but lost out due to his contractual obligations to Remington Steele.
    A View to a Kill [1985]
  • This film was intensely disliked by Roger Moore himself. Moore who was barely on speaking terms with Grace Jones during filming. He did not consider this to be a real 007 movie. On the scene where Christopher Walken was machine-gunning hundreds of people, Moore said, "That wasn't Bond, those weren't [Bond] films. It stopped being what they were all about. You didn't dwell on the blood and the brains spewing all over the place."
  • Roger Moore celebrated his 57th birthday during filming, making him the oldest actor to play Bond. Sean Connery was 52 in Never Say Never Again.
  • Roger Moore said that he decided to end his run as James Bond when he realized that Tanya Roberts's mother was younger than he was.
    The Living Daylights [1987]
  • The casting of Frederick Warder and Glyn Baker as 004 and 002 was intentional, due to their resemblance to George Lazenby and Roger Moore, respectively. For the movie's opening scene, the writers wanted to toy with the audience's expectations of which of the 00 agents was Bond.
  • Timothy Dalton was originally considered for the role of James Bond in the late 1960s, after Sean Connery left the role following You Only Live Twice. Dalton was screen tested by Albert R. Broccoli for On Her Majesty's Secret Service but he turned down the part as he thought he was too young. He was also considered for Diamonds Are Forever but turned it down again, still feeling he was too young. He was considered again for the role in For Your Eyes Only when for a time it was unclear whether Roger Moore would return. However, Dalton declined at that time, as there was no script (or even first draft). Dalton was offered the role again in 1983 for Octopussy, and yet again in 1985 for A View to a Kill, but had to decline the role both times due to previous commitments.
    Live and Let Die [1973]
  • The producers made a conscious decision to make Roger Moore's Bond significantly different from Sean Connery's. For example, Bond never orders a vodka martini but drinks bourbon whiskey instead; the mission briefing occurs in his flat, not the office (only the second time Bond's apartment is featured in the films after an appearance in Dr. No); Bond does not wear a hat; and he smokes cigars instead of cigarettes.
  • According to Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto was difficult to work with but Kotto denies this. Kotto maintains that though he may have been quiet, he was courteous to everyone on the film.
  • Roger Moore suffered an injury during the boat chase. The engine cut out and the momentum carried him into a boathouse. He cracked some of his front teeth and twisted his knee. He had to walk on a cane for days afterward, but he was still able to complete the scene because all he had to do was sit in the boat.
  • Roger Moore was 45 when he made his debut as 007, making him the oldest actor to do so. The youngest was George Lazenby who made his debut at age 29.
  • [?] Ross Kananga (credited as "stunt coordinator") was the owner of the crocodile farm in which Bond escapes some hungry reptiles. Kananga did this stunt by himself wearing Roger Moore's clothes and shoes made of crocodile skin. The crocodile shoes was a fun idea of Roger Moore. It took five attempts to complete the stunt. During the fourth attempt, one of the crocodiles snapped at one of the shoes as it went by. The producers (while scouting locations) first took notice of [?] Ross Kananga's farm from the sign out front which read: "WARNING; TRESPASSERS WILL BE EATEN." This sign can be seen in the finished film. They liked [?] Ross Kananga so much that the movie's villain, Dr. Kananga, was named after him.
  • Sean Connery turned down the then astronomical sum of $5.5 million to play James Bond. Connery gave Roger Moore his personal seal of approval for inheriting his role, calling him "an ideal Bond".
  • On his DVD audio-commentary, Roger Moore considers Live and Let Die to be his second best Bond picture after The Spy Who Loved Me.
    The Man with the Golden Gun [1974]
  • As a joke on Desmond Llewelyn, Roger Moore wrote fake dialogue for Q, and then gave it to the script girl to give to Llewelyn after he had spent a whole month learning his lines and was about to come on set.
  • First [James Bond] movie to be shown at the Kremlin. According to Roger Moore in his audio commentary, apparently when the movie had finished, one Russian official turned around and said "We didn't train him [Scaramanga] very well". The Scaramanga character in the James Bond universe was recruited by and acted as a hit-man for the KGB.
  • Hervé Villechaize lamented to Roger Moore that whenever he stayed at a hotel, he could never get a room above the first floor. When Moore asked him why, he said it was because he couldn't reach the buttons in the lift.
  • Roger Moore and Lois Maxwell, who plays Miss Moneypenny, are former classmates.
  • In his autobiography, Roger Moore said that when they were filming the boat chase on the klongs, he fell in twice. The first was on purpose (because they told him not to do it), and the second time was by accident. On the second fall, Moore made the mistake of opening his eyes under water, and saw what the local undertakers did with the bodies of the less fortunate.
    The Spy Who Loved Me [1977]
  • Prior to the introduction of Naomi, Caroline Munro accidentally sat on a bee and was stung hard on the behind. Despite the resulting pain, she was pushed on by the filmmakers to complete the scene. When shown boating in and greeting Roger Moore and Barbara Bach, the stern look on her face wasn't due only to the character of henchwoman she was playing, but the pain from the sting she was feeling.
  • Amongst the pyramids when Jaws is trailing a hidden 007, a still photograph of Roger Moore was used when they needed to have him in the shot. Hardly anyone noticed this during the film's release. Further, all the shots of pyramids used were actually models.
    For Your Eyes Only [1981]
  • Julian Glover, who played Aristotle Kristatos, was a candidate to play James Bond in the sixties and was on the short-list as a possible replacement for Sean Connery and George Lazenby prior to the role going to Roger Moore.
  • When Bibi flirts with Bond (Roger Moore), she states that Aristotle Kristatos (Julian Glover) is much older than Bond, and while Bibi pursues Bond, she later tells Kristatos that Kristatos is "too old for her". The Kristatos character is also a 1939-1945 War veteran. In fact, Glover was born in 1935 and is eight years younger than Moore.
  • Roger Moore was not happy about the scene where he cold-bloodedly kills Locque by pushing his teetering car off a cliff. Although Moore acknowledged that this was a Bond thing to do, he didn't feel that it was a Roger Moore Bond thing to do.
    Octopussy [1983]
  • Filming of the 12 foot Acrostar Jet as it flew through the hangar was achieved by attaching the aircraft to an old Jaguar by a steel pole with the roof torn off and driving along. The second unit were able to add obstacles such as people and objects to complete the illusion that Roger Moore was actually flying his tiny plane through an aircraft hangar. The exploding hangar pieces were four inches high.
  • During casting, James Brolin was almost given the role of James Bond when at the last minute, Roger Moore agreed to play Bond again. Brolin's screen tests can be seen on the DVD. Moore had gone out of contract after Moonraker, and had agreed to return to the role one more time in For Your Eyes Only. The production went with Moore because this film would be competing with Never Say Never Again starring original and former James Bond actor and legend Sean Connery. The uncertainty in using an American actor in the role and having to introduce a new actor in going-up against Connery were the reasons. In the meantime, [?] Oliver Tobias, Michael Billington, Timothy Dalton and [?] Ian Ogilvy had also been considered for James Bond.
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service [1969]
  • As of 2009, George Lazenby is the youngest actor to portray 007 at age 29 during filming. The rest of the actors and their ages, in no particular order: Sean Connery - 31, Roger Moore - 45, Timothy Dalton - 40, Pierce Brosnan - 41 and Daniel Craig - 38.
    Never Say Never Again [1983]
  • Sean Connery was 52 at the time of filming, so the writers decided to make James Bond a retired secret agent. However, he was three years younger than Roger Moore when he played the still-serving Bond in Octopussy (1983).
  • It is rumored that Sean Connery had an alternate ending to the "wink" in mind. As the characters walk down the street, a man brushes by them, causing them to double-take and look back at him. The camera angle shifts, and we see that it is Roger Moore, who turns to look at them and says "NEVER say never again!" Moore and Connery were good friends, and both were willing to do it, but they were never able to convince Director Irvin Kershner and the producers.