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Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we can do a thing, it does not necessarily mean we must do that thing.

—Federation President
(Kurtwood Smith)
[Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country]
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Neil Gaiman [2]

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Born:November 10, 1960 (58)
Filmography Rating:8.53 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.41 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.00 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:75.89%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
MirrorMask [2005](45) => Writer / Story
Coraline [2009](49) => Book

Trivia that mentions this person:
MirrorMask [2005]
  • According to an interview with Neil Gaiman, the original computers used to do all of the CG were named after the Beatles (John, Paul, Ringo, George). Later a fifth computer was required, so it was named Yoko. Soon after the fifth computer was introduced, the network crashed and could not be restored properly ("the computers refused to talk to each other"). A new server and computers were purchased and named after The Ramones (Joey, Jonny, DeeDee and Tommy). Gaiman said "I wish I knew more about the history of The Ramones; the computers performed brilliantly, vibrantly and died an untimely - and early - death"
  • According to Neil Gaiman, this film was made as a straight-to-DVD film; but this film finally got a limited theatrical release in the United States.
    Coraline [2009]
  • The character Wybie Lovat is not in Neil Gaiman's novel. He was created so Coraline would not have to talk to herself and so she would have a friend her own age.