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Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

—Louis Hector Berlioz
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Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth [10]

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Born:August 11, 1983 (35)
Filmography Rating:7.90 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.69 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.20 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:83.77%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
Star Trek [2009](26) => George Kirk
Thor [2011](28) => Thor
The Avengers [2012](29) => Thor
Thor: The Dark World [2013](30) => Thor
Star Trek Into Darkness [2013](30) => George Kirk
Avengers: Age of Ultron [2015](32) => Thor
Ghostbusters [2016](33) => Kevin
Doctor Strange [2016](33) => Thor  (uncredited)
Thor: Ragnarok [2017](34) => Thor
Avengers: Infinity War [2018](35) => Thor

Trivia that mentions this person:
Thor [2011]
  • Chris Hemsworth has had prior experience with wielding a hammer, having worked as a builder in Australia for a few years.
  • When Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins saw each other in full armors for the first time, Hopkins said "God, there's no acting required here, is there?"
    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire [2013]
  • During the press tour for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, [?] Chris Van Vliet interviews Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Woody Harrelson (Haymitch). Before the interview starts Chris and Liam mention Liam's brother, whose name also is Chris. Even though this is the second movie Liam and Woody act in together, it is not until then that Woody puts two and two together and realizes that Liam's brother is actor Chris Hemsworth.
    The Avengers [2012]
  • Chris Hemsworth had to increase and expand his dietary/food intake in order to maintain the physique he built up for Thor, consisting of chicken breasts, fish, steak and eggs every day (Hemsworth said he had to consume "his body weight in protein.").
    Thor: The Dark World [2013]
  • According to Natalie Portman, she was not available to film the post-credit scene where Thor and Jane Foster finally kiss; instead it was shot with Chris Hemsworth's actual wife [?] Elsa Pataky.
  • Because of the height difference between the two actors a box, and later a ramp, had to be used in some of the close-up and kissing scenes between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.
  • Chris Hemsworth improvised hanging the hammer (Mjolnir) on a coat hook in a polite manner, after playing with it between takes.
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 [2014]
  • Will be the only film in the franchise to not open in the same year as a movie featuring Marvel Comics hero Thor, played by Liam Hemsworth's (Gale) older brother Chris Hemsworth.
    Independence Day: Resurgence [2016]
  • Jeff Goldblum has worked with the brothers of two of his cast mates in this film series. He appeared with Dennis Quaid in The Right Stuff, and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok.
    Kong: Skull Island [2017]
  • Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson starred together in The Avengers, with Jackson playing Nick Fury, a virtuous hero, and Hiddleston playing super-villain Loki, the treacherous brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Here Hiddleston plays honorable hero James Conrad, while Jackson plays Preston Packard, a villainous, Captain Ahab-like character.
    Wonder Woman [2017]
  • Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Skarsgård were considered for the role of Steve Trevor. Liam Hemsworth's brother, Chris Hemsworth, and Alexander Skarsgård's father, Stellan Skarsgård, are part of Marvel's "Thor" films. Scott Eastwood, who appeared in Suicide Squad, was rumored for the role of Steve Trevor in this film.
    Thor: Ragnarok [2017]
  • Four of the male cast have appeared in at least one [Star Trek] movie: Karl Urban (Skurge) played Dr. McCoy in Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Star Trek: Beyond. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was Lieutenant George Kirk in Star Trek. Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) played Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Idris Elba (Heimdall) played Krall in Star Trek: Beyond. In addition, Clancy Brown guest starred as Zobral in an episode of [Star Trek: Enterprise], season one.
  • Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the film, while his older brother Luke Hemsworth plays Thor in a play within the film. Their younger sibling Liam Hemsworth was considered for the role of Thor.
  • Director Taika Waititi said that he wanted to showcase Chris Hemsworth's comedic talent in this film: "He's so good and underutilized in that department. He's legitimately one of the funniest things in this film."
  • Thor's "friend from work" line about the Hulk was suggested to Chris Hemsworth by a Make-A-Wish child who paid a visit to the set on the day the scene was filmed.
    Avengers: Infinity War [2018]
  • Zoe Saldana is reunited with [Star Trek] villains Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba in this film, though she shares scenes with neither of them this time. She also shares scenes with Chris Hemsworth, with whom she never shared a scene in 2009's Star Trek. The role of Bruce Banner/Hulk, in the unrelated Hulk film, was previously played by [Star Trek] villain Eric Bana.
  • Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth ad-libbed the dialogue between Captain America and Thor in which they compared their facial hair, reasoning that they have known each other long enough to have that kind of friendly banter.