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Chris Pine, Alice Eve, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch

Chris Pine [8]

Born:August 26, 1980 (41)
Filmography Rating:8.02 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.45 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.12 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:83.90%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
Star Trek [2009](29) => James T. Kirk
The Captains [2011](31) => Himself
Star Trek Into Darkness [2013](33) => Kirk
Into the Woods [2014](34) => Cinderella's Prince
Star Trek Beyond [2016](36) => Captain James T. Kirk
Wonder Woman [2017](37) => Steve Trevor
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [2018](38) => Peter Parker (voice)
Wonder Woman 1984 [2020](40) => Steve Trevor

Trivia that mentions this person:
Star Trek [2009]
  • To prepare for his role as Captain James Kirk, Chris Pine watched classic episodes and read encyclopedias about the [Star Trek] universe. However, his research was rudimentary, as he wanted his performance to be original and not an imitation of William Shatner. He based his performance on Tom Cruise's Maverick and Harrison Ford's Han Solo and Indiana Jones, heroes who Pine felt possessed the archetypal hero qualities Kirk has (humour, arrogance, decisiveness).
    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol [2011]
  • Anthony Mackie, Christopher Egan and Kevin Zegers were considered to play Brandt. As were Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.
    TRON: Legacy [2010]
  • Before Garrett Hedlund was cast as Sam Flynn, other actors considered included Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling and Michael Stahl-David.
    Green Lantern [2011]
  • Sam Worthington and Chris Pine were considered for the role of Hal Jordan. [?] Brian Austin Green, a fan of the Green Lantern, campaigned actively to get the role. Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto also screen-tested for the role before finally, Ryan Reynolds was cast as Jordan.
    Star Trek Into Darkness [2013]
  • One of the key action setpieces, the space jump sequence, was largely achieved by pulling Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch along the floor on a hoist.
    RoboCop [2014]
  • Michael Fassbender, [?] Matthias Schoenaerts and Russell Crowe were considered to play RoboCop. Chris Pine was considered for the role of Alex Murphy/RoboCop. He had also appeared in Star Trek Into Darkness with the original RoboCop, Peter Weller.
    Into the Woods [2014]
  • At one point during his performance in the intentionally broad song "Agony," Chris Pine does an impression of William Shatner. Pine is also a star of the rebooted Star Trek movie series; he plays Captain James T. Kirk, a role originated by Shatner.
  • Emily Blunt portrays a woman who is unable to have a child in the film. Ironically, Blunt was actually pregnant during filming. This resulted in multiple different techniques to hide her pregnancy. Within a week of being cast, Blunt discovered she was pregnant. When she called to inform director Rob Marshall, he jokingly asked if she was actually pregnant. Emily Blunt revealed that the "Any Moment" sequence was rehearsed when she was about three months into her pregnancy and it was filmed when she was about seven months pregnant. The change showed during filming as Blunt noted that during the scene Chris Pine dips her during a dance and that Pine's arms were shaking due to the change in weight.
  • According to Anna Kendrick, the set pieces used for the woods were so big and realistic that she and Chris Pine actually got lost while on the sound stage and had to be rescued by a production assistant.
  • According to Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine was extremely shy about his singing voice and noted that he would hold back during rehearsals. She only heard his actual singing voice when she was eating lunch in the recording studio. She was in a room by herself and she heard a "beautiful, crooning voice" coming from the hallway, but she assumed that it was a singer from a different project since multiple records were being recorded in the studio. She then noticed that the singing wasn't stopping, so she poked her head out to see who it was. To her surprise, she discovered that it was Pine, who didn't know that there was anybody else there. Initially, he wasn't aware of the original Into the Woods play, but wanted to audition just based on the cast and the director. On the night before his singing audition, he decided to google the play and to his horror, found pages of fan message boards and comments, along with passionate positive reviews of the play and Broadway show. This made him so nervous that he didn't sleep at all that night and even briefly considered canceling the meeting with Rob Marshall.
    Avatar [2009]
  • Chris Pratt auditioned for the role of Jake Sully. Chris Pine auditioned for role and said that it was his worst audition ever.
    Star Trek Beyond [2016]
  • According to Idris Elba in a Facebook live chat with Zoe Saldana, the black eye that Chris Pine has in the final fight scene with Idris Elba is not makeup, it's a real black eye that Pine got when they got a little too rough during filming.
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [2015]
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, Alexander Skarsgård, Ewan McGregor, Robert Pattinson, Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Kinnaman, Russell Crowe, Chris Pine, Ryan Reynolds and Jon Hamm were all considered to play Napoleon Solo.
    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Extended Cut [2016]
  • Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, [?] Ryan Kwanten, Matthew Fox and [?] Scott Porter were all linked for the role of Barry Allen/The Flash in a previous iteration. Ezra Miller was cast.
    Dumbo [2019]
  • Bill Hader, Chris Pine and Casey Affleck were also considered for the role of the father, but passed on it before Colin Farrell was cast. In April 2017, Michael Keaton joined the cast, rounding out the few prominent "adult" live-action roles. Tom Hanks was reportedly in discussions for the role before Keaton was cast.
  • Chris Pine was offered a part, but turned it down. He ended up being a cast member of A Wrinkle in Time (2018) after filming Wonder Woman (2017).
    Wonder Woman 1984 [2020]
  • In the scene at the Smithsonian's Air & Space Center, Chris Pine has an interaction with someone dressed as an astronaut. In 1984, the original filming model of the USS Enterprise from [Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)] hung from the ceiling just off frame to the right of that scene. Chris Pine played Captain Kirk in three Star Trek films.