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John Goodman, Nathan Lane, John Slattery

John Goodman [17]

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Born:June 20, 1952 (68)
Filmography Rating:7.24 / 10
IMDB Rating:6.72 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.21 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:71.74%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
Arachnophobia [1990](38) => Delbert McClintock
King Ralph [1991](39) => Ralph Hampton Gainesworth Jones
Frosty Returns [1992](40) => Frosty the Snowman
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story [1993](41) => Rex (voice)
The Flintstones [1994](42) => Fred Flintstone
The Emperor's New Groove [2000](48) => Pacha
Monsters, Inc. [2001](49) => James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
The West Wing: Season 4 [2002](50) => Glenallen Walken  (uncredited)
Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1 [2007](55) => Sulley
The Princess and the Frog [2009](57) => 'Big Daddy' La Bouff  (voice)
Community: Season 3 [2011](59) => Vice Dean Laybourne
Monsters University [2013](61) => Sullivan (voice)
Transformers: Age of Extinction [2014](62) => Hound (voice)
Transformers: The Last Knight [2017](65) => Hound (voice)
Kong: Skull Island [2017](65) => Bill Randa
Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 3 [2018](66) => Sullivan (voice)
Captive State [2019](67) => William Mulligan

Trivia that mentions this person:
Arachnophobia [1990]
  • The sound of a spider being crushed by John Goodman was made by the foley artists crushing a couple of potato chips.
    The Emperor's New Groove [2000]
  • David Spade usually has an overweight co-star. He worked with [?] Chris Farley twice, with Artie Lange in Lost & Found, and here with John Goodman.
    The Flintstones [1994]
  • A live action version of [The Flintstones] had been in development for a number of years. Reportedly, this version would not have been made if John Goodman had turned down the role of Fred. everything else Vol. 2 [2006]
  • In {Halloween Potion-ma-jig}, the [Homestar Runner] characters are dressed in the following costumes for Halloween: Homestar Runner is Moocher from Breaking Away, Strong Bad is Jambi the Genie (John Paragon) from [Pee-wee's Playhouse], Pom Pom is Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) from The Big Lebowski, The Cheat is [Mario] character Toad, Marzipan is [Muppet] character Beaker, Strong Sad is a member of the band [?] Devo, Strong Mad is [Looney Tunes] character Gossamer, Bubs is Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) from Rocky, Coach Z is Theo Huxtable (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) from [The Cosby Show], The King of Town is [?] Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, the Poopsmith is Ookla the Mok from [Thundarr the Barbarian], and Homsar is Tingle from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
    Forrest Gump [1994]
  • According to writer Winston Groom, John Goodman was the perfect Forrest Gump in his mind. Bill Murray, John Travolta and Chevy Chase turned down the role of Forrest Gump. Travolta later admitted that passing on the role was a mistake. David Alan Grier, [?] Ice Cube and Dave Chappelle turned down the role of Bubba. Chappelle thought the movie would bomb, and has since admitted to deeply regretting not taking the role. Terry Gilliam and Barry Sonnenfeld turned down the chance to direct the film.
    Transformers: Age of Extinction [2014]
  • One of Bumblebee's sound bites is "I'm calm, Dude," taken from The Big Lebowski. The quote is spoken by John Goodman's character, Walter Sobchak. That film also starred John Turturro (Agent Simmons in the previous films) and Peter Stormare (Prometheus Black in Transformers: Animated).
  • This is John Goodman's fourth live-action adaptation of a cartoon series, after The Flintstones, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle and Speed Racer.
    King Ralph [1991]
  • John Goodman does his own singing.
    Kong: Skull Island [2017]
  • The outfit worn by John Goodman, replicates the outfit worn by Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham in King Kong.
    Bumblebee [2018]
  • Hailee Steinfeld is the latest in the line of actors/actresses who have worked with [?] Joel Coen & [?] Ethan Coen to have gone on to have a role in a live-action Transformers film. Others are John Turturro, John Goodman, Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, and John Malkovich.
    Hercules [1997]
  • John Goodman, Jim Belushi, Jeffrey Tambor, Gregory Peck, and Patrick Stewart were all considered for the role of Zeus. All of them but Gregory Peck would later however star in Future Disney Animated Films: -John Goodman would voice Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove (2000), James P. Sullivan in Monsters Inc (2001), Baloo in Jungle Book 2, and Big Daddy in The Princess and the Frog (2009), which is also directed by John Musker & Ron Clements. -Patrick Stewart would voice Mr. Woolensworth the Sheep in Chicken Little (2005). -Jim Belushi would voice Benny the Squirrel in The Wild (2006). - Jeffrey Tambor would voice the Big Nose Thug in Tangled (2010). John Goodman and Tate Donovan (voice of Hercules) would appear together in Argo (2012)
    Matilda [1996]
  • Bob Hoskins, Tim Allen, Joe Pesci, John Goodman, Robert De Niro and Bill Murray were considered for the role of Harry Wormwood.