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Faith in something greater than ourselves enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid, to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain.

—Gordon B. Hinckley
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Ken Watanabe, Leonardo DiCaprio

Ken Watanabe [6]

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Born:October 21, 1959 (59)
Filmography Rating:7.77 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.38 / 10
Amazon Rating:3.97 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:77.58%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
Batman Begins [2005](46) => Ra's Al Ghul
Inception [2010](51) => Saito
Godzilla [2014](55) => Dr. Ishiro Serizawa
Transformers: Age of Extinction [2014](55) => Drift (voice)
Transformers: The Last Knight [2017](58) => Drift (voice)
Thor: Ragnarok [2017](58) => Asgardian Noble (uncredited)

Trivia that mentions this person:
Inception [2010]
  • The role of Saito was written exclusively for Ken Watanabe because Christopher Nolan felt that although he had appeared in Batman Begins, he did not have much screen time, and should therefore be given a more prominent supporting role.
  • There are a total of five Academy Award nominees in the cast (Tom Berenger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pete Postlethwaite, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page) and two Academy Award Winners (Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard).
    Doctor Strange [2016]
  • Casting the Ancient One went through several changes. Morgan Freeman, Ken Watanabe and Bill Nighy were considered for the role. In the comics, the Ancient One is an old man; in the film, the Ancient One is played by a woman. This was a deliberate decision as Scott Derrickson felt the Ancient One was a title rather than a person. Additionally this was also intended to avoid the risk of portraying any negative racial stereotypes, as the appearance of the Ancient One in the comics is based around the Tibetan Monks. For a time, Scott Derrickson did consider casting the Ancient One as an Asian woman, but eventually felt that it would be perceived as exploiting Asian fetish and "a fanboy's dream girl." He decided to cast a non-Asian actor in the role, but to still take the opportunity to cast "an amazing actress in a male role." He thus wrote the role especially for Tilda Swinton, feeling that she was the obvious choice for such a mystical and mysterious role.