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Gregory Peck, Harper Lee

Gregory Peck [2]

Born:April 5, 1916
Died:June 12, 2003 (87)
Filmography Rating:7.14 / 10
IMDB Rating:7.37 / 10
Amazon Rating:4.38 / 5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:92.00%
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List of Titles and Roles/Jobs:
The Snows of Kilimanjaro [1952](36) => Harry Street
To Kill a Mockingbird [1962](46) => Atticus Finch

Trivia that mentions this person:
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [1989]
  • Gregory Peck was considered to play Indy's father, should Connery have declined he role.
    The Shaggy Dog [1959]
  • Gregory Peck was the second choice for the role of Wilson Daniels.
    The Shaggy Dog [Colorized] [1959]
  • Gregory Peck was the second choice for the role of Wilson Daniels.
    The Shaggy Dog: Double Version [1959]
  • Gregory Peck was the second choice for the role of Wilson Daniels.
    The Snows of Kilimanjaro [1952]
  • In the scene where Gregory Peck lifts up Ava Gardner, he threw out his knee and production had to close down while he recovered. Unfortunately, all the scenes of his lying down in his sickbed had been shot already.
  • Gregory Peck resisted taking the role because an earlier Ernest Hemingway adaptation he had appeared in, The Macomber Affair had been a box-office flop.
    The Jungle Book [1967]
  • When Gregory Peck was the President of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science, he tried his hardest to get a full-length animated feature film (most notably the The Jungle Book) not only nominated for Best Picture Academy Award but actually win the award. He resigned as President in 1970 when other members didn't agree with him about animated films being nominated for the award. It would be over twenty years later before the Academy would reconsider, allowing another Disney title, Beauty and the Beast to be nominated.
    Pocahontas [1995]
  • In the very first draft of the script the character of "Grandmother Willow" was written as a male character who was the spirit of the river, "Old Man River". The song "Just Around the Riverbend" was written for this character to be sung. Gregory Peck was offered the role and, as much as it pained him to do it, turned it down because he felt the title character needed a motherly figure to turn to for advice. Soon the filmmakers agreed with him and the character was changed.
    The Lion King [1994]
  • This movie was Gregory Peck's favorite animated film; he also ranked it in his top five all time favorite movies.
    Hercules [1997]
  • John Goodman, Jim Belushi, Jeffrey Tambor, Gregory Peck, and Patrick Stewart were all considered for the role of Zeus. All of them but Gregory Peck would later however star in Future Disney Animated Films: -John Goodman would voice Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove (2000), James P. Sullivan in Monsters Inc (2001), Baloo in Jungle Book 2, and Big Daddy in The Princess and the Frog (2009), which is also directed by John Musker & Ron Clements. -Patrick Stewart would voice Mr. Woolensworth the Sheep in Chicken Little (2005). -Jim Belushi would voice Benny the Squirrel in The Wild (2006). - Jeffrey Tambor would voice the Big Nose Thug in Tangled (2010). John Goodman and Tate Donovan (voice of Hercules) would appear together in Argo (2012)
    North by Northwest [1959]
  • MGM wanted Gregory Peck to star as Roger O. Thornhill, but Sir Alfred Hitchcock refused, claiming that he was too stone-faced.
  • According to the book "Haunted Idol: The Story of the Real Cary Grant" by [?] Geoffrey Wansell, Cary Grant wanted [?] Sophia Loren to play the part of Eve Kendall, but she turned the role down. [?] Sophia Loren played a role very similar to Eve Kendall in Stanley Donen's Sir Alfred Hitchcock-inspired thriller "Arabesque (1966)" opposite Gregory Peck, "MGM"'s original choice for the role of Roger Thornhill.
    To Kill a Mockingbird [1962]
  • The watch used in the film was a prop, but Harper Lee gave Gregory Peck her father's watch after the film was completed, because he reminded her so much of him.
  • It has been reported that this film was Gregory Peck's favorite work.
  • Brock Peters (Tom Robinson) started to cry while filming his testifying scenes, without rehearsing it this way, and Gregory Peck (Atticus Finch) said that he looked past him, instead of looking at him in the eye, to avoid choking up himself.
  • The first scene that Gregory Peck shot showed him returning home from his character's law office while his children ran to greet him. Author Harper Lee was a guest on the set that day, and Peck noticed her crying after the scene was filmed. He asked Lee why she was crying, and she responded that Peck had looked just like her late father, the model for Atticus. Lee explained that Peck even had a little round stomach like her father's. "That's not a pot belly, Harper," Peck told her, "That's great acting."
  • Brock Peters, who played Tom Robinson in the film, delivered Gregory Peck's eulogy on the date of his funeral and burial, Monday, June 16, 2003.
  • Mary Badham (Scout) and Gregory Peck (Atticus) became close during filming, and kept in contact for the rest of his life. Peck always called her "Scout", her character role, while Badham called Peck "Atticus".
  • Gregory Peck's summation speech, which runs for 6 minutes and 30 seconds, was nailed in a single take.
  • When he attended the Academy Awards, Gregory Peck was convinced that his friend Jack Lemmon would win the Best Actor Oscar for his searing portrayal of an alcoholic in Days of Wine and Roses (1962). In reality, Gregory Peck was stunned when he heard that he was the winner of the much coveted trophy.