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{Miscellaneous Shorts}

Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Pages: 152
Personal Rating: 0/10
Found in:The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll [2005]
Classifications:No Classifications Set
A collection of short stories from Lewis Carroll:
The Offer of the Clarendon Trustees
The New Method of Evaluation
The Dynamics of a Parti-cle
The New Belfry of Christ Church, Oxford
The Vision of the Three T's
The Blank Cheque
Twelve Months in a Curatorship
Three Years in a Curatorship
Resident Women-Students
Some Popular Fallaies about Vivisection
Lawn Tennis Tournaments
Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter Writing
What the Tortoise said to Achilles
The Two Clocks
Photography Extraordinary
Hints for Etiquette; or, Dining Out made Easy
A Hemispherical Problem
A Selection from Symbolic Logic
Rules for Court Circular
Croquet Castles
A Postal Problem
The Alphabet-Cipher
Introduction to The Lost Plum Cake