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Phantasmagoria and Other Poems

Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Pages: 68
Personal Rating: 0/10
Amazon: 4/5
Goodreads: 3.5/5
Found in:The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll [2005]
Classifications:No Classifications Set
One winter night, at half-past nine, Cold, tired, and cross, and muddy, I had come home, too late to dine, And supper, with cigars and wine, Was waiting in the study. There was a strangeness in the room, And Something white and wavy Was standing near me in the gloom I took it for the carpet-broom Left by that careless slavey. But presently the Thing began To shiver and to sneeze: On which I said "Come, come, my man! That's a most inconsiderate plan. Less noise there, if you please!" "I've caught a cold," the Thing replies, "Out there upon the landing." I turned to look in some surprise, And there, before my very eyes, A little Ghost was standing!