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Schlock Mercenary 14: Broken Wind

Author: Howard Tayler
Illustrator(s): Howard Tayler
Ben McSweeney
Travis Walton
Publisher: The Tayler Corporation
Pages: 176
Personal Rating: 7/10
Bindings:Paper Back
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The Toughs have taken a small contract in a very, very big place. It's just the sort of mission Captain Tagon excels at, but his gunboat isn't answering to him, and his command chain includes the outed spy who stole the gunboat, the retired general who took it for a joyride, and the disgraced major from whom it was stolen in the first place.

With air on both sides of the airlock, it's tempting to start throwing people through it. They'll fall for days, provided nothing with wings decides they look tasty...
Fun, though not my favorite. It feels just a bit lost or slow at times, but not fatally so. Still very worth the time.