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The Minority Report

Author: Philip K. Dick
Publisher: Citadel Press
Pages: 0
Personal Rating: 8/10
Amazon: 3.5/5
Goodreads: 4/5
Found in:The Philip K. Dick Reader [1997]
The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories [1991]
In the world of The Minority Report, Commissioner John Anderton is the one to thank for the lack of crime. He is the originator of the Precrime System, which uses precogs--people with the power to see into the future--to identify criminals before they can do any harm. Unfortunately for Anderton, his precogs perceive him as the next criminal.
Very intriguing. The logistics of the minority report works quite differently from that used in the Tom Cruise movie, but it's still quite a fascinating story.
Used as the basis for a 2002 movie starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.