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The old fun thing is when somebody typed up the first chapter of War and Peace. And then made a precis of the rest of it and sent it out and only one publisher recognized it.

—Jim Harrison
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Monsters & Mormons

Author(s): Theric Jepson
Terryl Givens
Illustrator: Brandon Dayton
Editor(s): Theric Jepson
Wm Morris
Publisher: Peculiar Pages
Pages: 510
Personal Rating: 0/10
Amazon: 4.5/5
Bindings:Paper Back
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Classifications:No Classifications Set
This collection of pulp fiction seeks to exploit rather than ignore the historical associations of Mormon deviance, supernaturalism, and strangeness—playful self-parody. The selections range from the comic and light-hearted to the poignant and provocative. But taken together they should remind readers everywhere of a wonderful truth: humor can be the best revenge.